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Why wait for Leopard? Get a virtual desktop manager now

Mac publications are all taking a new eye to the apps and features that Leopard is 'killing,' and Dan's post about the 7 apps that Leopard kills inspired me to check out the current market of virtual desktop managers for Mac OS X. Since I'm on a MacBook Pro however, the only one I could really put t...

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Engadget: "Time Machine restores best, not first"

Ross Rubin has posted an interesting Switched On column at Engadget this week analyzing two of the largest enhancements on their way in Leopard: Time Machine and Spaces. Ross points out that, obviously, Apple isn't quite first with a virtual desktop manager or a piece of backup software - not by an...

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Steve reveals 10 features of Leopard for Spring 2007 release

If you're waiting for Leopard, you'll have to cool your heels until Spring 2007, when Apple officially promises the release. To wet your appetite, Apple previewed 10 Leopard features at WWDC today: Time Machine - a new built-in backup system that will back up your entire system and allow you to ...

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