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Crew building Apple Store discover 15th century hospital

Here in the US, we tend to think something like a 200-year-old barn is "old." Then someone makes a discovery like the one a construction crew in Madrid, Spain, recently unearthed, putting that barn in perspective. A construction crew working on a forthcoming flagship Apple Store at number 1, Puerta...

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Angry Birds soda release makes for huge sales jump

Yes indeed: Angry Birds soda. A Nordic beverage company named Olvi got the rights from Rovio to make some Angry Birds-branded sugar water, and apparently it's a huge hit for them, raising the company's sales by 85 percent. Exports were especially huge, going from 3 percent of Olvi's market to a wh...

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Madrid Spain Apple Store set to open this weekend

Apple's sixth store in Spain and the third in Madrid will open this weekend at 10AM on Friday, April 27th. The store will be located in the suburbs of Madrid at the Centro Comercial Gran Plaza 2 shopping mall located northwest of Madrid's city center. As noted by ifoAppleStore, the Centro C...

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Spain's Falles celebration invades Apple Store

I would probably describe Apple Stores as "busy," "happening," or maybe even "populated," but I wouldn't have ever described them as "boisterous" .. until I saw the videos below. These two videos are via ifoAppleStore and were recorded at the Apple Store Calle Colón in Valencia, where th...

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Madrid's visitors can rent tourist-friendly iPads

If you're vacationing in Madrid, you may want to check out PadInTheCity before you arrive. The local service lets you rent an iPad for the duration of your stay. The iPad is filled with apps and games to make your stay more enjoyable. According to Springwise, you'll find apps like Metro Madrid, Wea...

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Valencia Apple Store opening forces reseller to close

An authorized Apple Premium Reseller in Valencia, Spain -- Illa Digital -- closed its doors four weeks after an Apple Store opened just four blocks away. ifoAppleStore reports that competition from the Apple Store caused Illa Digital to start losing revenues almost immediately after the official A...

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Spanish firm NT-K beats Apple in court, files extortion charges

Two months ago, Spanish tablet maker Nuevas Tecnologías y Energías Catalá (or NT-K for short) won a design infringement lawsuit Apple filed against it a year earlier. Now, NT-K is on the offensive and seeking damages from Apple; the company has filed extortion charges again...

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Spain's fourth Apple Store to open on Friday

¡Apple Store cuarto de España para abrir el viernes! Yes, the fourth Apple Store in Spain is set to open on November 25 in the city of Marbella on the southern coast. The city is small -- only 125,000 residents call it home -- but it is a major tourist destination, so a lot of vi...

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Apple loses iPad design lawsuit against NT-K

Apple has lost an iPad design infringement lawsuit it brought against the small Spanish tablet maker, Nuevas Tecnologías y Energías Catalá. Nuevas created an Android-powered tablet called the nt-k Pad, which Apple believed was a knock off of the iPad. Interestingly, Apple f...

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iPad rental business is booming in Madrid, Spain

PadInTheCity is a company offering up an intriguing proposition: Rent a 3G iPad while you happen to be touring around the city of Madrid, Spain. I do happen to be traveling to Europe next year, and while I just bought an iPad for myself, I can see the benefit of not only being able to carry an ...

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Vintcase: An iPad case Indiana Jones would want to own

Here at TUAW, we see an endless parade of iPad and iPhone cases. I mean, seriously -- if I see another carbon copy plastic or silicone case for an iPad, I may toss my breakfast. So when someone sends me something a bit out of the ordinary, I'll usually take notice. That was the situation when I rec...

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More photography with the iPhone

The above video shows a fashion photo shoot taken completely with an iPhone, and it isn't even the iPhone 4! The photographer uses only an iPhone 3GS. I think there might be a little cheating involved; the lighting is overdone and the photos were sent off to a retoucher, so it's not that surprisi...

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iPad international availability set for May 28

already had to wait quite a bit longer than they expected, as US demand forced Apple to push back the worldwide product launch date. Pricing details were not included in the announcement. were included in the individual country releases, but not in the domestic release. Canadian pricing is $50 mo...

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Weekend Apple Store news

The weekend's almost here, thank goodness. Here's some Apple Store news to get you in a recreational mood. First, the new Frankfurt Apple Store is set to open this weekend after a brief delay. Originally slated for December, the grand opening was canceled just two days before the scheduled date. ...

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Telefonica Movistar bringing the iPhone to Spain?

Apparently the Enterprise Data Services Manager for Telefónica España, Francisco José Santos Esteras, spoke recently at PROCOM Aragón 2008 (a communications conference) in Spain and said that Telefonica Movistar (the mobile subsidiary) has a time-limited exclusive contrac...

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