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Friday Favorite: SpamSieve 2.76

My Friday favorite is SpamSieve. We have mentioned it a few times previously, but since it has recently been updated to version 2.76 I wanted to sing its praises again. It's the best way I've found to deal with spam. Using Bayesian filtering, SpamSieve installs as a plug-in to your mail client an...

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Drowning in a sea of spam? Spamsweep can help

First things first: as a new blogger around here, let me introduce myself. Hi, I'm Mel Martin. I spent most of my life as a journalist, then moved over to the technology side. I spent 4 years at the BBC working on creating a content management system. I'm an avid amateur astronomer and have publish...

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iPhone's Mail lacks no-images switch

Most desktop messaging clients (Apple's Mail.app and Microsoft's Entourage among them) give users the option to skip loading images when reading rich-formatting emails, which both speeds up the loading/reading process and limits exposure to spammer scavenging, which can leverage embedded images to v...

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SpamSieve 2.7 is available

The great SpamSieve was updated earlier this week to version 2.7. If you're unfamiliar with SpamSieve, you're probably inundated with unwanted email. It's a piece of software that works with your email client and excels at squashing spam long before you ever see it. Over time, it gets better at ide...

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Two new eBooks focus on Apple's Mail.app

Take Control Books, the digital delivery brainchild of long-time Mac authors Adam and Tonya Engst, has announced the publication of two new ebooks in their Take Control series. Author Joe Kissell has written a 95-page tome titled Take Control of Apple Mail in Leopard that describes the 14 new featu...

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Cached Leopard Mail images: friend or foe?

TUAW reader Simon wrote in to us, to share one of his favorite new Leopard features--and its unexpected consequences. After clicking on an All Images search, he was astonished to find any number of odd gifs and jpgs pertaining to, um, Viagra, and er, male enhancement. He quickly realized that All I...

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87% of e-mail traffic is spam

InformationWeek reports that spam accounted for nearly 87% of e-mail traffic this year, nearly a third more than last year. And that spam wasn't all about getting you to buy V1agra and C1al1s. Quite a bit of it was phishing bait, intended to get you to hand over your personal information and passwor...

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A Mail.app rule for catching image spam

It seems that I'm not the only one being inflicted with a new wave of image spam, as Bill Benson, a MacInTouch reader, has posted his rule solution for this junk that seems to so easily elude Mail.app's filters. Tim Gaden at Hawk Wings, also a victim, elaborates on how to set up this rule, as a tri...

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Meat in iPod clothing

ABC News reports that Rachel Cambra bought her son an iPod from Wal-Mart for Christmas. So far this isn't all that newsworthy, but when young Cambra ripped into his iPod what did he see before him? A sparkling iPod? Nope, some sort of mysterious meat was in the iPod packaging. The iPod package hadn'...

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SpamSieve Update

The one thing about updating to 10.4.1 last night that bothered me (besides Setup Assistant) was that both SpamSieve and Growl's mail bundles deactivated themselves upon launching Mail.app after reboot. Suddenly piles and piles of God-forsaken Spam was playing in the Inbox with all my other mail. No...

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