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Daily iPad App: Learn Spanish with JamTok! adds a dash of music to your foreign language lessons

Learning a new language can be tedious, but you can liven up your lessons with Learn Spanish with JamTok! from TicTokLabs. The app focuses on vocabulary and uses music as the cornerstone of each lesson. Learn Spanish with JamTok! features popular music from artists like Carlos Santana, Bruno Mars,...

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Word Lens hands-on: Does it really translate text in real-time?

Word Lens hit the store with a bang, promising real-time translation of signs, menus, and any other text your camera can capture. Does the augmented-reality app work? Somewhat, yes. Is it the future? Definitely. We're just not there yet. I'll let the images in the gallery tell the story. But firs...

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Google Translate ported to iPhone

You know if the App Store has been out for a month and we're posting about a web app, it has to be a good one. Google announced late last week that they've brought the terrific Google Translate service over to the iPhone. Of course, whenever you travel internationally, roaming charges (sometimes hug...

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La historia de Steve Jobs en espaņol

Behold. Via Charged.tv and Google Video, we present to you this silly history of the Steve Jobs success story. This video, which comes from Fox factory and Universidad de Palermo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is actually much more amusing if you don't speak any Spanish. Thanks to Ruben Santiago....

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Ich bin ein Mac. Und du?

You've seen the US ones. You've seen the Japanese ones. Now, behold, Deutsches GetAMac. "Ein iPod. Klassik!" Ja zum Mac. Of course, it's not just German. Apple hosts a surprising number of internationalized "I'm a Mac." "I'm a PC" ads. There's the badly dubbed French one, the strangely familiar Span...

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