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Apple needs to fix this incredibly annoying Siri feature ASAP

Siri's phone integration is top-notch. I use it on a daily basis to place calls. So why after placing my call do I have to look at my screen and tap to place my call into speaker mode? If I'm using hands-free to place the call, you'd think the phone would continue in a hands-free mode after the Phon...

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Divoom Bluetune-Bean is a handy portable speaker

The Divoom Bluetune-Bean is small, rechargeable Bluetooth speaker and speakerphone that is easy to hand-carry or pop into a purse. It's a bit too bulky for most pockets though, unless you wear cargo pants with pockets on the legs. The device is a little bigger than a jumbo egg and includes a meta...

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Braven 570 Bluetooth speaker / speakerphone / charger: Affordable style

Braven manufactures a line of portable Bluetooth speakers that also serve triple duty as speakerphones and iPhone chargers. Now the company is shipping the Braven 570 (US$119.99), a new and more affordable model of their stylish and durable speakers. Design Many of the Braven line of produc...

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BRAVEN 600 Bluetooth speaker: Stylish, powerful, and it could be yours

Today is the day that BRAVEN's new SIX series of Bluetooth speakers hits the market, and in case you're curious about this new noisemaker, we've got a full review for you right here. Be sure to stick around until the end of the post, because you can enter to win a new BRAVEN 600 (US$149.99) of ...

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Sun-powered Scosche solCHAT Bluetooth speaker phone is a bright idea

And now for something completely different -- a post about something other than Snow Leopard. Accessory manufacturer Scosche today announced the solCHAT solar Bluetooth speaker phone. Designed to work with Bluetooth phones like the iPhone, the solCHAT attaches to either the front windshield of yo...

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