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Tag: speechrecognition

Mountain Lion 101: Dictation

What can I say about my love of Mountain Lion's new Dictation feature? I've wanted to be able to talk and have my words transcribed to text ever since I saw the original "Assignment: Earth" episode of Star Trek back in 1968 (image at top of post). That's actress Teri Garr talking to a typewrite...

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Voice Answer updated with more features for people locked out of Siri

Owners of the Apple iPad 1 and 2 won't get Siri on iOS 6 when it ships. Neither will those who use an iPhone older than the 4S. That leaves people looking for alternatives, and fortunately there are a few. I took a look at Evi some months back, and now newcomer Voice Answer, which is US$3.99 in...

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Grocery iQ for iOS adds speech recognition

There's no shortage of grocery lists apps for the iPhone and iPad. One of the more popular apps is the free Grocery iQ, which has added speech recognition from Nuance in an update available today. That addition hoists Grocery iQ a bit above the average list-maker. You can add items to your shop...

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Voice Answer is an interesting solution for those that don't have Siri

Siri is very clever, and has had a significant impact on how iPhone users interact with the world of information. The problem is, Siri is iPhone 4S only, and even the new iPad has only voice dictation. We've looked at Evi, which is a third-party solution, but it's had some reliability issues (s...

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Siri clone Evi is off to a very bad start

Siri has been a big hit for Apple, but as we all know, it runs only on an iPhone 4S. I've been expecting some Siri knock-offs to appear, and now one has that can be used on any iPhone and even the iPad if you don't mind not seeing it full screen. The app is called Evi by True Knowledge. It's US$0.9...

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Dragon Go! is a must-have voice search app for your iPhone

Like the proverbial genie in the bottle, you can ask a lot of Dragon Go! and have a pretty good chance of the app granting your wish. Dragon Go! is the latest free app from Nuance, creators of Dragon Dictate for the Mac and Dragon Dictation for iOS devices. In this latest app, Nuance has delivere...

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Nuance buys SVOX ahead of iOS 5 release

There's a whole trail of rumors hinting at an upcoming deal between speech recognition company Nuance and Apple. For quite a while now (ever since Apple picked up personal assistant software maker Siri), the scuttlebuzz has claimed that the folks in Cupertino would make a deal with Nuance for s...

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iOS 5 speech recognition concept showcased in video

Recent rumors and a patent application suggest an upcoming version of iOS will include some form of speech recognition. Inspired by these revelations, graphic designer Jan-Michael Cart created a short video that shows how Apple could add this speech-to-text functionality to iOS 5. His concept...

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Nuance voices found in Lion Developer Preview 3

Yesterday, we told you that Apple had seeded Lion Developer Preview 3 to developers. We noted at the time that among the new features in Developer Preview 3 were a new boot animation, new graphical elements in the Finder's toolbar, new desktop wallpapers and that Reading List is now enabled in ...

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Nuance-like Apple speech recognition patent emerges

Rumors have been flying that Apple has entered into some kind of agreement with speech recognition company Nuance. Now Patently Apple has published an Apple patent that shows a possible use for Nuance's technology in the iPhone. The patent covers text-to-speech and speech-to-text conversion. ...

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Is a Nuance and Apple deal in the works?

TechCrunch is reporting that Apple is in the process of some sort of deal with Nuance Communications, one of the leading companies in the field of speech recognition. Many readers may be familiar with Nuance's Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, however the Dragon speech engine is also licensed and...

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Patent application suggests contextual voice commands for iPhone

A patent application filed by Apple in 2009 but just released to the public last week shows that they want to improve on the voice command abilities of the iPhone. As reported by AppleInsider, the patent looks as though it would make voice commands available in individual applications rather than sy...

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AT&T Navigator for iPhone updated, features direct speech recognition

If you're a subscriber to the free AT&T Navigator app and the associated service , then you'll want to load the latest update ASAP. AT&T Navigator v1.7i is the newest version of the TeleNav-powered app, and it's now the first iPhone GPS navigation app that incorporates direct speech ...

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Dragon Dictation comes to the iPad

This should get a lot of iPad owners excited. Dragon Dictation, which has been so popular on the iPhone, is now available for the iPad. The app is free for a limited time, and adds some new features to the original iPhone version. The app also includes a new Dragon Dictation Notes feature that l...

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Nuance acquires MacSpeech

Nuance Communications, the company behind Dragon Dictate and Dragon Search for the iPhone, has acquired MacSpeech, the company that makes MacSpeech Dictate and other voice recognition apps for the Mac platform. The first product from MacSpeech was iListen, which was available until 2008. At that ...

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