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January 1 reflections on my favorite things

January 1 is always a little strange. A quiet time after a night out, a time to take the tree down and deal with all the green light cords that started out so neatly applied and wind up a tangled maze of complexity. Time to get rid of all the holiday wrappings and hope the trash pickup is soon. I...

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ShoutOUT TXT brings voice recognition to SMS messaging

ShoutOUT TXT is a new app for the iPhone [iTunes link] that lets you dictate text messages to your iPhone and send them just as you would with regular SMS text messaging. You set up an account and text away, using your existing contact list, or entering any phone number that can be texted. After ...

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iSpeak: Voice dialing for iPhone 3G

Sunday night on the TUAW Talkcast, we were discussing how much fun this week was going to be from the iPhone software perspective. This announcement from Fonix Speech is exactly what we were talking about. Fonix iSpeak is a voice activation application for the iPhone 3G. There are a couple of operat...

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