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Mac Sale and MacBasket offer up Mac app bundles

The Mac App Store is set to change the way you download and use a lot of software on your Mac, but one thing I hope it doesn't change is the tradition of the Mac software bundle sale. Bundling up indie software and selling it for a relatively huge discount is something that, in my experience, tends ...

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MacHeist II and Speed Download 5 resolution

We've commented on the MacHeist / Speed Download 5 saga before, and the entire episode clearly led to some heated passions. As a recap: Speed Download 4 was included in the MacHeist II bundle, and shortly thereafter Speed Download 5 was released. However, Yazsoft required MacHeist customers to pay ...

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Speed Download 5 released

Before the recent Macheist bundle I had never used the download manager Speed Download, but once it made it onto my system I've found that I really like it. Particularly for somebody who is constantly downloading new software, etc. the way it collects together (and organizes) all my downloads has be...

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