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SporeTV podcast now available on iTunes

By now, most of you have already made it to the Civilization Stage in Spore (or maybe you are enjoying the beginning stages on Spore for iPhone). Either way, you might like to know more about the universe simulation game that you're spending so much time with. The SporeTV podcast (now available in ...

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Waiting on Spore and the App Store approval process

Update: The wait is over! As of 3:00 PM Eastern, the iPod touch/iPhone version of Spore Origins is available (with exclusive features) for $9.99US [App Store link]. Spore Origins for the iPhone does exist. We've seen it. However, as of this writing, it still hasn't spawned in the App Store. Several ...

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Spore Origins out for iPod, iPhone version due this week

Spore Origins has wriggled its way out to the iTunes store for the iPod. The game is a slimmed-down version of the early microbial stages in the upcoming PC game -- in the main game, you'll be able to take your little microbes up through the evolutionary ladder all the way up to space travel, but in...

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Meet Spore's creator at Regent St. Apple Store

Gamers, are you excited for next weekend's release of Spore? We sure are (even though the iPod game got pulled from the iTunes Store, darnit). I've created my first species in Creature Creator and he (it?) is ready to go. If you're also anticipating the game, and happen to be at London's Regent Stre...

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Spore iPod game now in iTunes

Update: Tipster Mike writes in to note that the game has disappeared from the store. As of 5:45 pm ET today, it's gone. iPhone-wielding gamers rejoiced when EA announced a version of Spore for the iPhone, set to debut in September of this year (check out our hands-on with Spore). This week, click wh...

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Transgaming to use SecuROM for Cider games

As if Mac gaming needed more problems getting off the ground. Transgaming has proudly announced that in the future, their games will include Sony's SecuROM digital rights management software. They don't mention which games will be getting the extremely restrictive DRM (that some folks have compared ...

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TUAW Hands-on: Spore Origins for the iPhone

In the Electronic Arts booth here at E3, nestled in among the raucous noises of various first-person shooters, is a completely white room with a few cell phones on tables. This is the EA Mobile space, and it was here that we got to play Spore Origins, the iPhone version of Will Wright's sure-to-be...

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Spore Creature Creator now available

EA has made the Spore Creature Creator trial available for download on both Mac and PC. A while back EA promised simultaneous release for Mac and PC, and they seem to be on track with the Creature Creator which is available for purchase at $9.95. The Spore Creature Creator is a preview and demo for ...

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Apple shows off iPhone gaming chops

While Apple did not release any games at today's event they did begin to show what's possible with several tech demos. Apparently the SDK has only been available for the last two weeks or so, even inside Apple, which makes what they showed that much more impressive. First up, a team inside of Apple ...

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Will Wright: Mac users will love Spore

Well, who won't, right? If you haven't read a single gaming blog this week (you serious worker bee, you), then you may not have heard the big news: Will Wright's rumored-to-be-a-masterpiece Spore has gotten a release date. It's hitting stores (for both PC and Mac simultaneously-- now that's what I l...

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Spore is coming to the Mac on September 7th

Spore; the very word is enough to make certain gamers giddy with delight. Spore, for those not in the know, is the latest project of Will Wright, creator of the Sims. Much like the Sims, Spore is a sort of life simulation game, only this time you start off as a little micro-organism floating in prim...

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EA promises Spore for Mac later this year

The eagerly awaited game Spore from Will Wright (of Simcity and Sims fame) is coming to the Mac later this year. CNET broke the news earlier in the day, and EA confirmed it in a press release later. Like the releases promised (but not delivered) last year, the Mac version of Spore will rely on Trans...

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