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Manning or Brady? Peterson or McCoy? You decide with the new NFL app

Millions of Americans anxiously await September 4th. That's when the National Football League kicks off its 2014 schedule and begins a four-month journey of joy and anguish for Fantasy Football players. So now is the time to prepare and get ready for the months ahead. The NFL has launched the...

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"NFL Now" service will be available as a dedicated channel on Apple TV, report claims

Back in January, the NFL announced a new personalized video service for fans dubbed NFL Now. The service promised to deliver to fans all the NFL content they can handle, including locker room interviews, player specific highlights, access to live press conferences, and even the ability to scour...

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Daily App: ActivBeacon offers to call for help if you have a sports injury

ActivBeacon is an interesting idea for active people who fall down and need assistance. Using the built-in iPhone sensors, the app sends a voice or text message to designated family or friends and gives them your GPS location. The developers ask you to think of it like Onstar for sports. You start...

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All the best World Cup apps for iOS

The FIFA World Cup starts today, which means we're at the cusp of a month of soccer (sorry, football) madness. We already showed you how to watch the games live on your iPhone or iPad, but if you can't devote time to actually watching the action as it happens, there's a whole bunch of great apps...

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Table Tennis Touch should be twice as expensive as it is

Four U.S. dollars isn't a whole lot of money. It's what many people pay for a cup of specialty coffee on their way to work every day, and it will barely get you a gallon of gas, but App Store dollars work a bit differently. In the App Store, four dollars is a fortune, and if you're putting a price...

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iSpotlight is a news app for following the rich and famous

iSpotlight (free) lets you follow your favorite athletes, bands, or celebrities by feeding you web-sourced news and even the Twitter feeds of the rich and famous. Once you have selected some celebs to follow, you can opt for news, Twitter feeds and/or videos. You can share the latest gossip with...

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The iDelivery

With any luck, the pizza won't catch on fire. Thanks, Matt Johnson...

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Horse Races Now for iOS keeps you up to date with the latest racing info

Horse Races Now is a handy free app that can turn your iPhone into a complete racing program. After signing up for a free account, you can look at the racetrack info closest to you, or anywhere else in the US. The app features live streaming video, and race replays go back up to two years. You can...

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You're going to be hearing a lot about 'iPod' on tonight's Olympics broadcast

Note: This article contains spoilers regarding the snowboarding competition at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, which has not yet aired in some regions. If you want to watch the broadcast and pretend it's live, stop reading now. Really not kidding, there are spoilers below. Don't keep reading. In fact,...

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How iPads are changing the NBA

Bloomberg TV this week ran a really interesting segment detailing how NBA teams are using iPads equipped with special software to keep a discerning eye on player patterns and statistics, all in an effort to increase player and team performance on the court. Provided by a company called...

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Madden 25 scores CoachGlass companion app so you can pretend to be a defensive coordinator

With yearly Madden titles appearing for every platform under the sun, Microsoft is attempting to set itself apart with CoachGlass, a companion app that will work exclusively with Madden 25 for Xbox One. CoachGlass will let players up their defensive game by offering information on opponents,...

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GolFlix Pro is a good idea that falls short of teaching golf on iOS

Golf apps are extremely popular on iOS. From games, to course directories, to tutorials, there's plenty to choose from. So I was interested when the folks behind GolFlix Pro asked me to look at their app, which uses videos to teach the fine points of golf as demonstrated by professionals. The...

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Yahoo! Sportacular Pro gets iPad support, Fantasy Football integration

Yahoo has released a major new version of its wildly popular Yahoo! Sportacular Pro app which allows fans to track scores, stats and news about myriad sports. The most immediate thing users will recognize about version 4.2 is iPad support. The app has also had a redesign for iOS 7, and now allows...

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Apple hires Toronto Blue Jays assistant GM to manage Sports section of the App Store

The Toronto Blue Jays' Assistant General Manager Jay Sartori is leaving the team to become the manager of the Sports section of Apple's App Store, according to As Shi Davidi first reported: The Toronto Blue Jays are on the lookout for a new assistant general manager with Jay...

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Apple TV adds Major League Soccer, Disney Junior

Apple TV may still just be a hobby for Apple, but the company sure has been devoting a lot of time in recent months shoring up the channel selection on its nimble little black box. Earlier today, Apple issued an over-the-air update for the Apple TV which adds two new channel selections for users;...

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