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Mac 101: Use Spotlight to quickly solve math problems

OS X's search tool, Spotlight, does more than just file and web searches. The handy utility also can be used to do semi-complex math equations with the answers appearing within the results section of the app. To use Spotlight for math, just open the utility by selecting the magnifying glass ico...

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Apple picks Bing over Google to power Spotlight search on OS X Yosemite and iOS 8

While Google is the 800-pound gorilla when it comes to search, Apple is becoming increasingly flirtatious with Microsoft's Bing. While it wasn't necessarily clear during Monday's keynote, Microsoft has since confirmed that Bing will be the default search engine in Spotlight for both OS X Yosemite...

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How to find an app that's missing on your iOS device

I'm an app-aholic. I have far too many apps on my iOS device, and I add more almost every day. I don't always take the time to organize them, so my homescreen panels sometimes become a jumbled mess of random apps.The chaos is occasionally fun, but most of the time it is frustrating as I can't find...

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iOS 7: Searching for apps and info with Spotlight (video tutorials)

In previous versions of iOS, Spotlight -- Apple's search utility -- has always been available by going to the first home screen, then swiping right. In iOS 7, Spotlight is now available on every home screen. Here are two short videos to show you how to use Spotlight in iOS 7, and also how to chang...

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Shortcat: Spotlight for your screen

It comes as little surprise that OS X supports many flavors of user interaction, nor that certain users gravitate towards certain input styles. For example, there are trackpad wizards who beckon with careful gestures and there are mouse users who prefer to point with their cursor. And then there ...

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Weekend Poll: Retina MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro has always represented the best of business computing. With its powerful processors, superb screen sizes, and now Retina display, it's the belle of Apple's showroom. The MBP with Retina display has had a rougher time of things, however, than the standard-issue debutante. Scree...

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Unclutter offers digital pockets for your OS X miscellany

I have really mixed feelings about Unclutter for OS X (US$2.99). On the one hand, it's a pretty cool idea. The app offers a pull-out "drawer" on your desktop that lets you store files, make notes, and view your clipboard. On the other, parts of the app are unintuitive to use and could stand some ...

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Concept video shows a better Spotlight for iOS

Designer Cody Sanfilippo put together this concept video of how Spotlight on iOS could work, and it's quite impressive. The current implementation of Spotlight for iOS (accessed by swiping left on your iOS device's homescreen) is fairly useless; while the search is very thorough, the list of it...

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Mac 101: Use Spotlight for quick review of Calendar events

Here's a quick way to browse Calendar events (I still want to say "iCal") in the Finder with Spotlight. Simply enter your search keyword into Spotlight. The results are sorted by type, as usual. Move your cursor over a matching Calendar result and a pop-up appears, showing the event's placeme...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me find Spotlight items in the Finder

Dear Aunt TUAW, There's plenty I like about Lion - but lots of pointless change for the worse. Top of my hate list is that Spotlight no longer gives me the location of the items I'm searching for. Sure, the preview on cursor hover is nifty, but why oh why can't Spotlight give me (for example) the...

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Mac 101: Six steps for tracking down hard drive space hogs

More Mac 101, our ongoing series of tips, tricks and helpful hints for new Mac users and curious veterans. "Your startup disk is almost full." This simple sentence can trigger all the stages of grief: denial ("That can't be right!"), anger ("This is a 500 GB drive!"), bargaining ("If I delete...

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Apptivate 2.0 adds keystroke sequence shortcuts

There are a plethora of "launcher" apps out there. I've used LaunchBar ($35) since it was released for NeXTStep; other folks seem fond of Alfred (free, with additional powerpack for £12, or about US$20), Butler ($20), Keyboard Maestro ($36) or Google Quick Search Box (free). The venerable but ...

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Rumor: Scrolling, QuickLook and Spotlight updated for 10.7

Apple's next big event is less than 24 hours away and the rumor mill is still running full force. We've already seen a lot of speculation about the upcoming MacBook Air revision. This latest batch of rumors is about some of the interface changes that we might see for Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion." Macstorie...

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Mac 101: Keyboard tricks for Finder navigation

You may know that you can expand and collapse Finder folders in a tree view using the left and right arrow keys. But did you know that you can expand or collapse all of the root-level folders at once? It's a cool trick that can save you a lot of time when navigating your Mac's files. With the Finder...

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TUAW's Daily App: Auditorium

Auditorium is that rare kind of game that's a must-play no matter what kind of gamer you are. It's a puzzle game, a music game, and a piece of art at various times. It's out now on the iPhone courtesy of EA (and the main download is absolutely free), but even if you don't want to take up space on yo...

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