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Video of 'aluminum MacBook' surfaces

An often-blurry QuickTime spy video of what appears to be an aluminum MacBook enclosure is available now on apple.pro. (If the video link isn't working, try watching it on YouTube; there are stills available here.) The video is a series of close-up shots, none showing the thickness of the enclosur...

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Supposed iPhone 2.0 photos

The folks at iPhon.fr have got what appear to be two photos of iPhone 2.0 in the wild. It's in keeping with the other photo we saw of a black iPhone, though the logo appears grey this time, as opposed to the bright white, and the rear of the case seems less rounded. The only thing we dislike about ...

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iPod video "spy shot" a fake

Well, well, looky here: Turns out that widely-distributed image of the supposed 6G "true video" iPod was a total and utter f-a-k-e fake. MacRumors points to this video (YouTube) that documents the creation of the original image, and this blog post right here shows why the second pic is als...

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