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dsh: dancer's shell gives you power over multiple Macs

This month's MacTech magazine offers a feature article by Edward Marczak on using dsh, the "dancer's shell" or distributed shell utility, to batch-administer machines in a single blast without having to hit each one, or use a pricey management tool such as ARD or LANrev. Although dsh isn't included ...

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TUAW Interview: Inco, simple sysadmin from your iPhone

The dream of remote system management from your handheld device -- like Dick Tracy's wrist radio, but for geeks -- has long enticed IT professionals. Who wouldn't rather be at the beach or the ballgame instead of chained to a laptop and network access in case something goes wrong? There are already ...

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Secure Your Mac: Untrusted networks and how to deal with them

To tell the unvarnished truth, I have to admit that I'm pretty lax on security for my computers. I don't do anything crazy like open email attachments from people I don't know, and I always double check the address bar of websites before I punch my password in. Even so, on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd sa...

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Hack Alert: ssh from iPhone

This morning, reigning iPhone hack-king NerveGas compiled and installed sshd2 and ssh on his iPhone. So what does this mean? It shows that the first steps have been taken towards allowing the iPhone to natively ssh out. For all of you who are inclined to say "Oh ssh, my Nokia can do that... pffft", ...

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TUAW Tip: Put iPhone's File System onto your Desktop with sshfs

TUAW has talked before about sshfs, the secure shell file system, and MacFUSE, the OS X implementation of FUSE (File-system in USErspace). So it's not huge news that you can use MacFUSE/sshfs to access the files on your iPhone but it might be an option that you've overlooked. It's certainly conveni...

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ssh on iPhone

Over at the #iphone channel at, the thoroughly awesome NerveGas has figured out how to enable ssh on the iPhone without using restore mode. The secret lies in overwriting an existing binary and plist to trick the iPhone into calling chmod on the Dropbear ssh server and making it execut...

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JellyFiSSH: secure shell the easy way

JellyFiSHH is a cool little bookmark manager for automating connections to remote servers over telnet, SSH 1 or 2. SHH (or Secure SHell) is an important tool for creating secure connections across the Internet to a remote machine. By default this just gives you shell access (i.e. terminal access) t...

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Apple TV hacks coming fast and furious: VLC, SSH, VNC, Apache and more

The Apple TV hacks are coming fast and furious as recorded on both the Something Awful thread we already told you about, and at the Apple TV Hacks blog. Over at Something Awful, user macado shows the Apple TV successfully decoding a 720p XviD clip using the open source VLC player (though only for 6...

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FTP explained

Who better to explain the ins and outs of the twisted FTP world than Steven Frank, one of the minds behind Transmit? Well, that's exactly what Steve has done for us on his blog. If you don't know your SFTP from your FTPS then this is the article for you. Sure, he recommends that you try his company'...

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