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Starbucks changes free app downloads program

Starbucks has announced a change to its iTunes Pick of the Week program. Previously, the program offered cards in stores with a redemption code for an app, song, book or TV show. Customers could take a card and redeem an iTunes code on back for the free giveaway. The updated program will let...

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Steve Jobs' prank call to Starbucks lives on

On January 4, 2007, I was fortunate enough to be one of the few thousand people in the audience at Moscone West when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone to the world. Most of us had been standing in line in a chilly pre-dawn San Francisco alley for hours, and between the lack of sleep and a need for...

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Apple and Starbucks team up for Product (Red) gift cards

Starbucks is partnering with (Red) and offering an eGift basket that'll help those living with HIV/AIDS. Each basket includes a $15 gift certificate for Starbucks and a $15 gift certificate to iTunes. For every eGift basket sold, Starbucks and iTunes will contribute 5 percent of the purchase...

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Daily iPad App: Pocket Yoga channels your inner yogi

When I was living in Arizona a few years ago, I lived within walking distance of a yoga school. For a few months, I attended class a couple times a week and loved it. Since then, I've wanted to get back into yoga, but cost and scheduling prohibited it. The solution comes in the form of Pocket...

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The dawning of the age of Pass Kit: virtual ID on the iPhone

As iOS 6 gets ready for its Autumn debut, many users look forward to Passbook, Apple's "new way to organize boarding passes, tickets, gift cards, and loyalty cards." It promises to help empty your wallet of a multitude of small items, replacing them with a single iPhone interface. Just flash your...

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Daily Update for August 8, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player...

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Square and Starbucks make deal for cellphone payments

You could buy a lot of coffee with $25 million; that's how much money Starbucks is investing in Square as part of a deal to incorporate the mobile payments startup into its store systems. Starting in the fall, Square's Pay with Square app will be enabled for Starbucks purchases, and Starbucks will...

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Get LostWinds for iOS for free at Starbucks

Starbucks has a deal going on this week to give away a free iOS game to anyone who walks into one of their stores. Usually, the famous (and ubiquitous) coffee chain gives away a song on iTunes, but every once in a while, apps get picked as giveaways, too. This week, its giveaway is LostWinds...

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Starbucks launching augmented reality Cup Magic app for the holidays

Starbucks is going to kick off the holiday season with a special app for iPhone and Android devices that will interact with art on holiday cups at the popular coffee shops around the world. You can see the app in action in the video below. As you can see, it's not really so functional as just a...

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I'll take the MacBook, hold the macchiato: no coffee in Apple Stores, please

Esquire's Elizabeth Gunnison wrote a speculative piece about cafés in Apple Stores. In short, she thinks it's a great idea. In her piece she writes: Think about it: Apple's retail stores are purpose-built for sucking people in and holding them hostage for hours, what with the rows...

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Starbucks and Apple launch Pick of the Week

Starbucks and Apple are expanding their "Pick of the Week" program to include books, music, apps and videos. For several years, Starbucks and Apple have offered a "Song Pick of the Week" program. The program offered a free select iTunes music track that was downloadable by any Starbucks...

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Starbucks giving out free apps in the US

Now when you go into Starbucks, you could walk away with a free paid application instead of a bonus music track. According to Cnet, Starbucks recently launched a "Pick of the Week" program that lets you download a new app each week. The free app offer works the same way Starbucks free music...

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How to auto-join hotspots in Lion

Lion makes it easy to join free Wi-Fi hotspots with landing pages, like those at Starbucks and McDonald's (often offered by AT&T in the US and BT OpenZone in the UK). Technology baked into OS X Lion eliminates the need to use a browser to pass a landing page that stands between you and the...

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Boxee now available for iPad (Updated)

The folks at Boxee announced that they've released an iPad app and media manager for streaming video files from a computer to the Boxee app. The Boxee app includes the following features: Social media functions that links your Boxee viewing to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr The ability...

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Want free coffee and got an iPhone? Use Jonathan's Card (Updated)

Update from Editor-in-chief: According to evidence surfaced via, this was supposedly a "viral marketing campaign." While we strive to verify sources before posting, it appears we were too eager to believe this "social experiment" was legitimate (and others have been in the...

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