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Voyager: Now you see it, now you don't

What is it with the iTunes Store and Star Trek? I blogged a few days ago that the first season of Star Trek Voyager was available for purchase via the iTunes Store. We then got a report that the episodes were 'abridged,' though I can't verify that for myself. Now, Voyager is no where to be seen on t...

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iTunes Store gains Star Trek podcasts, music and books, American Dad debuts

First, the original Star Trek debuted in the iTunes Store, then the TV series (not movies) was pulled for some odd reason. Then the shows returned, but now we have a dedicated Star Trek section that's been beefed up with podcasts, music (soundtracks, really), audiobooks and more. Now all we need T...

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Star Trek in iTunes (again)

Back in January, episodes of the original Star Trek TV series were added to the US iTunes store. Then they disappeared, and now they're back again - two times over. Specifically, the original first season [iTunes link], is listed separately from the digitally enhanced episodes from the same season [...

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Star Trek shows pulled from iTunes Store (US)

Here's something strange: it seems that all Star Trek TV shows have been pulled from the iTunes Store (US). Apple Gazette identified the omission this morning, and darned if we can find them. The movies are still in place, however. Anyway, they're gone... maybe caught in a Tholian web....

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Star Trek Enterprise now available on iTunes

I have no qualms about the fact that I am a grade A geek. All the signs are there: I work in IT, I write about Apple, and I love Star Trek. The latest member of the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek Enterprise, is now available in the iTunes Store (you might know ST Enterprise as, 'That one with that ...

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Original Star Trek on iTunes Store

These are the voyages of the Starship iTunes. As part of Apple's continuing mission to rule to known universe of downloadable TV shows, season one of the original iconic scifi television series Star Trek (affectionately known as TOS to Trekkers) has just been added to the iTunes store. So now for on...

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Apple Intel ad a ripoff of Star Trek First Contact?

I don't want to add fire to the Postal Service/Apple Intel ad controversy, but a keen eyed observer notes that the Postal Service video is a ripoff of a scene in Star Trek: First Contact, therefore Apple isn't just ripping off a rock and roll band but a cultural icon. Now, before you firing your co...

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