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Tag: statistics

J.D. Power survey ranks iPhone highest

J.D. Power and Associates released the results of a survey yesterday, showing Apple's iPhone ranked highest in terms of customer satisfaction among 1,388 business wireless customers queried between August and September. Apple scored 778 (out of 1,000), higher than Blackberry-maker RIM (703) and Sams...

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Analyst roundup: 5m iPhones for Q4, gloomy Christmas ahead

Widely-read Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster is revising his prior estimate for the quarter ending a week from Tuesday, and his outlook is even rosier than before. Instead of 4.1 million iPhone 3Gs, Munster expects Apple will sell 5 million of the handsets. Likewise, he's revising his estimates f...

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Survey: Apple riding high on news of economic woes

A survey by ChangeWave says Apple is looking ahead to record sales for Macs, which smiles in the face of further declines in U.S. consumer spending. The survey polled 4,416 people between August 4 and August 12. If the poll is any indication, Apple will do well in the next three months, with 34 perc...

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Forrester: Apple nearly quadruples enterprise share

Ben Gray, analyst at Forrester Research, says that Mac OS X accounts for 4.5 percent of the business operating system market, 3¾ times their share in January 2007. Computerworld notes that all this has happened with one thing notably absent: an enterprise strategy. "I haven't seen anything fr...

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iPhone browser share doubled since 3G launch

According to HitsLink, the people who track web usage statistics, iPhone users account for about a third of one percent of web browsers on the Internet, the largest of any mobile platform. iPhone ranks fourth overall in terms of operating system market share, behind Windows, Mac, and Linux. On Augus...

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Three million iPhone 3Gs sold in first month

A month ago, Apple was crowing about selling one million iPhone 3G handsets over its opening weekend. In a month, they've tripled that figure. According to Fortune and analyst Michael Cote of the (eponymous and nascent, from what I can Google) Cote Collaborative, Apple has already hit the three mill...

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We're number three!

According to a survey from the Gartner group, Apple is again the third largest PC vendor in the United States. The company nosed out Acer for the second-quarter bronze. (Dell is number one, followed by HP in second place.) Apple shipped 1.4 million units last quarter, 38 percent more than the prior ...

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Net Applications: Macs hit a record OS share in December, iPhone up 33%

Fortune has the latest market share figures for December (according to a survey by Net Applications), and it's good news all around for Apple-- Mac systems jumped from a 6.8 share to 7.3, a 7.35% increase. Which is actually nothing compared to the iPhone, which jumped 33%, or even the Playstation,...

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Mint and iPhone: Two great tastes that taste great together

Mint is an excellent web stats tracking app from Shaun Inman with a powerful, extensible plug-in architecture. The iPhone is an excellent... well you know the rest of that one. While these two things might not have much to do with each other at first glance, a plug-in and a hack have brought us one ...

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iStat menus v1.1 preview screenshot and details

The iSlayer crew has released a preview screenshot on the company's blog that highlights a few key features coming in v1.1 of iStat menus, their utility for keeping an eye on your Mac's various statistics from the menubar. Specifically new in this upcoming version will be network graphing, monito...

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Widget Watch: Dashalytics 3.0

Google's Analytics service is a great (and free) tool for anyone who wants to track website visitor statistics. How many visits, who and where they're coming from, what OS and browser they're using, how long they stay - nearly the whole enchilada. To view your statistics in a place other than Goo...

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iStat menus 1.0 released

Last month, the iSlayer crew allowed us to review a beta copy and post a screenshot gallery of iStat menus, their new full-blown app that brings system statistic and resource tracking to the menubar. Known widely for their iStat line of high-quality Dashboard widgets, iStat menus ushers in a new ...

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Widget Watch: iStat pro 4.1 released

iSlayer has released v4.1 of their killer iStat pro widget for monitoring system performance and statistics right from within Dashboard. In this new version, the team has added a new Fire skin (pictured, and apparently a mod of a much-requested skin from the previous v3), support for monitoring t...

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iTunes website hit by Christmas rush

AppleInsider reports that not only did iTunes get swamped yesterday (as expected), but visits to, presumably to download software, were up by four hundred percent over last year's Christmas rush. Think about that. Apparently a gadzillion people got new iPods this year, and a good nu...

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Detailed analysis of Apple's market share

These days it seems like any analyst with an axe to grind or a website to build pageviews with is taking a dig at Apple, making any claims that zing well in a headline, deliberately misinterpreting any data they can to make it look like the Mac is receding into unappreciated obscurity. Fortunately, ...

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