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BioShock Infinite coming to the Mac later this month

BioShock Infinite will be available on Mac as of August 29th, some five months after it was first released on PC and consoles. That may sound like a long time for Mac gamers to wait, but that's much better than the more than two years after the official release date it took for BioShock 2 to arriv...

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Steam's annual summer sale is now live

Steam is the undisputed ruler of digital game distribution for gamers on Windows PCs as well as Macs. While only a portion of the games on the service's virtual store shelves are Mac-compatible, seeing those titles get huge discounts is always worth celebrating. And celebrate we shall, as Steam ha...

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Jack Lumber now available on Steam

Jack Lumber is an excellent game that arrived on iOS last year. It's reminiscient of Fruit Ninja, in that you drag your finger around the screen to chop through wood, though I think it's an improvement on Halfbrick's formula -- it's got a more complex meta game, and the mechanic is a little deep...

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Little Inferno out on Mac

Little Inferno arrived on iOS in January. It's a wicked, little satirical adventure about burning toys that's gotten a lot of critical acclaim. Now, the game is available on the Mac. You can pick it up directly from the developer Tomorrow Corporation, or grab it on Steam or Gamersgate. Tomo...

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Rocketcat goes deeper into the Mage Dungeon with Wayward

Kepa Auwae's Rocketcat Games is one of my favorite iOS developers: Auwae himself is full to the brim with creative ideas about gaming, and all of Rocketcat's releases, from Hook Champ to Mage Gauntlet to Punch Quest, are extremely polished and well-designed. I got to meet with Auwae in person l...

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Valve releases the original Half-Life for Mac

Fifteen years after its release in 1998, Valve Software's groundbreaking first-person shooter Half-Life has made its Mac debut. While its sequel, Half-Life 2, and other games based on Valve's later Source engine have been available on the platform for years, the original Half-Life has remained ...

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10000000 now available on Mac via Steam

10000000 (pronounced "10 million") is a great game that arrived on iOS last year. It combines a tile-based swiping puzzle game with a fantasy-based progression system to create a very addictive mix. The game is still available on iOS for US$1.99, but Eighty-Eight Games has now made the leap ove...

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The Journey Down now available on iOS, on sale for launch

The Journey Down is a fascinating little adventure game. It was created by a Swedish company named SkyGoblin, and uses a unique African look and feel to tell its story. The Journey Down is a traditional point-and-click adventure game. As you play, you explore your environment and use found ob...

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Steam's Big Picture mode makes playing Mac games on TV more console-like

Is that 27" iMac screen just not cutting it for your gaming needs? Introduced today, the new Big Picture mode available in the Steam client for Mac offers a front-end for your games that's controller- and TV-friendly. Big Picture mode can be easily navigated with a gamepad, offering access to...

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Super Hexagon now out on Steam

Game developer Terry Cavanagh's great Super Hexagon has been tearing it up on iOS -- and your eyes have probably been tearing up if you've played it for any length of time, because it's both crazy and crazy hard. But it's also very fun, and now the game has made its way over to Steam, available...

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Sega brings Total War Battles back to the Mac

I really liked Sega's Total War Battles when it first arrived on iOS. Classic RTS developers Creative Assembly did a lot of good thinking about how to bring that complicated genre over to the iPad's touchscreen, and they did an excellent job, keeping things simple and accessible without comprom...

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Puzzlejuice plans a Steam release, dev goes to work for thatgamecompany

Puzzlejuice is one of my favorite recent apps on the App Store, and it's about to get a lot more ... well, favorite-er. The app is getting a big update this Thursday taking it to version 1.5, and celebrating the fact that the game has been included in the PAX 10 at this weekend's big video game...

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Valve extends Steam store beyond games

Adding to the growing list of companies providing storefronts for selling apps, Valve Software has announced its plans to expand the Steam distribution platform beyond selling games. Starting September 5, users will be able to purchase apps from a growing selection of software titles, including ...

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Weekend App Store sales: Crescent Moon, EA, King of Fighters, more

There's no holiday this weekend, but there are some great app sales floating around. Here's some to look out for. Steam is wrapping up its annual summer sale soon, and while most of the offerings are PC only (which you can still play by Boot Camping over to Windows) there are a few titles ...

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Dynamite Jack now available

Phil Hassey's title Dynamite Jack, first seen by us at GDC earlier this year, is now available for purchase on Steam. It's only $4.99 usually, and it's actually on a launch sale for $3.99 right now, so if you need something to play this weekend, it would be a perfect choice. I really like the g...

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