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Steve Ballmer's Windows 7 pitch features MacBook Pro in the background

Talk about embarrassing. Steve Ballmer guest hosted on NBC's Today Show yesterday to talk about the Windows 7 launch. Sadly for Steverino, Matt Lauer talked a lot about Apple and the iPhone. Even worse, sharp eyes noticed an NBC-produced graphic in the background with a Windows 7 logo appearing on t...

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Steve Ballmer uses a Mac for presentations

You may remember Steve Ballmer (CEO of some other company) criticizing the iPod and iPhone on several occasions. Something that he definitely cannot criticize is the Mac, mostly because he was seen using one for with one at the podium while he gave a presentation. MacLife pointed us to this Flickr p...

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Gates to pull back on role at Microsoft in 2008

This isn't specifically Mac news, but it is a name we all know well. Bill Gates has announced that he will be stepping down from his full time role at Microsoft, something that I certainly didn't see coming. So, who will take over? Ballmer? We should be so lucky (think of the comedy potential). No, ...

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Ballmer to his kids: "You don't use Google, you don't use iPods"

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is, let's say, a passionate guy. With Microsoft stagnating while the iTunes Music Store and Google (which is practically synonymous with "search" these days) becoming the standard of what they do, he's got a lot of stress to deal with. How does he manage? When h...

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