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Apple VP of iOS Scott Forstall cashes in $38.7 million of Apple shares

Tim Cook's salary came up in the news last month when he was awarded a million shares of Apple stock, and cashed out a few, in addition to his many other forms of compensation. And here's another Apple manager who's taking advantage of Apple's soaring stock price when he can. Vice President of ...

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Zynga picks up four more mobile gaming companies

Mobile/social game giant Zynga has made four more acquisitions in mobile gaming, having already picked up quite a few iOS and mobile development companies in the past. This time around, the biggest pickup is a company from Germany named Gamedoctors, makers of the very popular ZombieSmash title....

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Bob Iger picks up $55,000 in stock for joining Apple's Board

We mentioned earlier this week that Disney CEO Bob Iger was invited to join up to Apple's Board of Directors, and Fortune reports that as part of his deal, Iger got 142 restricted shares of AAPL, totalling a nice bonus of over $55,000 at current market value. Nice work, if you can get it! We jok...

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Gameloft starts trading shares in the US

Gameloft is one of the standout companies on iOS. While the company has received criticism for "borrowing" some gameplay themes and ideas from more popular console titles, there's no question that it has still worked hard on quality games, and picked up a lot of iOS sales for it. Gameloft is ...

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Apple stock performance under Steve Jobs

We can talk about Steve Jobs' legacy as CEO of Apple, look at the products he launched and analyze the earnings statements, but sometimes all you need is a simple picture to summarize it all. As Edible Apple points out, Apple's stock price from when Jobs took the helm in 1997 until now reveals ...

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Analysts downplay AAPL's dip as Jobs resigns

Apple's stock took a downturn yesterday, as might be expected after the resignation of Steve Jobs. According to WIRED, Apple's stock lost approximately 7.39 percent of its value in after-hours trading. A day later the stock has recovered well; as of this writing the stock price is actually high...

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AAPL hits all-time record high

Perhaps because of optimistic analysis going into tomorrow's conference call, Apple's stock price has hit an all-time high today. While the Dow Jones average was down overall, AAPL rose $6 at one point, hitting $371.06 as a high. That's huge -- bigger a stock price than it's ever been before. ...

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WWDC Interview: iPhorex

Neil Ticktin (Editor-in-Chief, MacTech Magazine and MacNews) interviews Christopher Gnanakone of iPhorex at WWDC 2011. Christopher was kind enough to tell us about their thoughts on the announcements on WWDC, and how it will affect their plans moving forward. TUAW and MacTech Magazine teamed ...

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Pandora Media offering IPO tomorrow

Music service Pandora is set to introduce its stock to the public tomorrow, becoming one more in a series of social networking and online service companies going with an IPO. Pandora isn't specifically an iOS company, of course, given that its music service runs both through browsers and on a n...

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Apple's value is more than Microsoft and Intel combined

Apple's market cap is now greater than Microsoft and Intel combined. When the market closed on Friday, Microsoft had a market cap of US$201.59 billion and Intel had a cap of $115.21 billion. Combined, they have a market cap of $316.8 billion which is just below the $317.60 billion of Apple. Thi...

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AAPL's top owners have cashed in some stock recently

Fortune's Apple 2.0 blog has an interesting tidbit about Apple's stock lately. A blogger who calls himself Sammy the Walrus IV has been poking around into AAPL records, and has found out that several of Apple's top shareholders have sold some of the stock recently. There's nothing shocking he...

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AAPL shares survive rebalancing on Nasdaq today

Last month the stock index Nasdaq announced that it would be rebalancing the weighting of AAPL shares to better reflect the actual number of shares floating on the market. At the time, AAPL accounted for 20.5 percent of the Nasdaq. After the rebalancing today, AAPL now accounts only for 12.5 pe...

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Nasdaq to diminish Apple's portion of the Nasdaq-100

The Wall Street Journal reports that Nasdaq will drop Apple's profile in its Nasdaq-100 stock index, lowering Apple's share from 20.5 percent to around 12.3 percent, more in line with the number of actual Apple shares out there. Apple is one of 81 companies who are seeing their shares lowered b...

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Warren Buffett hesitant on Apple, tech companies

Multi-billionaire investor Warren Buffett says he still has no plans to invest in technology companies, including Apple, preferring to stick with companies like Coca-Cola because it is "very easy for me to come to a conclusion as to what it will look like economically in five or 10 years, and it's...

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TUAW's Daily App: MarketDash

Yahoo! sent us word that its new finance app, called MarketDash, is in the store now. While I'm not personally a big stocks guy, I think it looks good, and the iTunes reviews so far agree. The app is designed to tap into Yahoo! Finance, so if you have an account running over there, you can just pul...

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