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'Free on iTunes' goes MIA

We've noticed an interesting change at the US iTunes store this week. "Free on iTunes," a popular section found in both the Quick Links and in its own front page section, has gone MIA. It's been replaced by a "Free Book" offer for the Beatle's Yellow Submarine adaptation in Quick Links and remo...

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Halfbrick acquires Onan Games, Mandreel cross-platform software

Halfbrick Studios (the makers of popular iOS games like Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride) has announced that it has acquired Spain-based studio Onan Games, whose main project is a system called Mandreel that allows developers to send their games cross-platform to places like Android and the Chro...

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The US Apple Store is down, down, down

That was quick. The US Apple Store is down; all visitors are greeted with the familiar sticky note. Gee, I wonder what big changes Apple is going to bring us this time. Join us on our Metaliveblog at 10 AM PT to find out....

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Houston Apple Store launch pushed back, maybe for new iPad

The Houston Chronicle reports that Apple's latest retail store in that city is now set to open on March 16, and that date has led to some speculation about Apple's timing on the iPad release. Originally, the Houston store was set to open up in January of this year, but that launch got delayed. The...

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Apple rejects iBook with links to Amazon's store

This is just one specific case out of the many, many organizations and individuals publishing content on Apple's iBookstore, but it's an interesting call by Apple nevertheless. Seth Godin tried to publish a book of his through Apple's iBooks, but the content was rejected by Apple's system. Not bec...

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Apple preparing to build Italy's "most important" Apple Store

Apple has a handful of stores in Italy, but none will supposedly compare to the store Apple is building in Via Roma, Turin. According to a report by Italian website Macity, Apple is planning a flagship store that could become one of Apple's most important outlets. The Via Roma store will occupy ov...

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Apple staffer reportedly stole $16K worth of iPhones

When I worked in retail, I quickly learned all about "loss prevention," which is the program that most retailers undertake to try and (you guessed it) prevent loss or theft of product at whatever store they're running. Customer theft is obviously an issue anywhere you have merchandise sitting out ...

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Wall coverings appear at forthcoming Amsterdam Apple Store

Apple is prepping a new retail store in Amsterdam, and MacRumors has collected pictures of the orange and white window coverings that have shown up at the location. They're pretty unique and striking, with the bright orange modern look really standing out in the colder, more traditional buildings ...

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Apple Store in Pasadena reopening this weekend

I just got notice from Apple that the store in the Old Pasadena retail district is re-opening this weekend, after an almost yearlong expansion project. The company even opened a temporary store a little bit down the street from the location, as it worked to expand the main store, adding a second l...

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Target confirms it'll open Apple shops in 25 locations

Target confirmed it's opening Apple shops within 25 retail locations sometime this year. According to the Reuters report, the 25 stores will have special displays of Apple merchandise. Currently, Target offers the iPad, iPhone and iPod models. These items are mixed into the store's standard displa...

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Apple to open mini stores inside Target

Target is one of those stores that quietly carries a variety of Apple products. In between speakers and keyboards, you can find iPads, iPods and iTunes gift cards. Soon, you may find an Airport Extreme and maybe even a MacBook Air. This prediction is based on a report from AppleInsider, which sug...

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Apple Store may be coming to Masonville Mall in London, Ontario

Attention, Masonville Mall in London, Ontario: You may be getting an Apple Store next year. A local radio station reports that the Eddie Bauer store in that location is closing soon due to bankruptcy, and city records say that the relevant authorities are checking out a $3 million project for t...

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NFL to stream the Super Bowl to iPhone, iPad apps (Updated)

Update: As commenters have pointed out, this is for iPhone users on Verizon ONLY. Pity. I'm excited about this one, both for what it is, and for the potential of what it could be. The NFL has decided, in a (rare?) move of generosity, to stream the Super Bowl broadcast out to its mobile device...

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Apple posts photos of Grand Central Terminal store opening

We've already seen some great shots of the Apple Store opening held in Grand Central Terminal in New York last week thanks to our own Mike Rose, but Apple now has the store's official page posted on its website, with additional photos and information about the big setup. It looks very impressiv...

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A grand opening for the Apple Store at Grand Central Terminal

Early this morning, while thousands of NYC commuters trudged by, mostly unaware and uninterested, a modest band (about 100 at 8 am) of diehard Apple fans congregated in a long underground corridor waiting for the opening of the Grand Central Terminal store. The grandeur and architectural majest...

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