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Microsoft to open another 75 retail stores

Microsoft is going on a retail binge in hopes of replicating the success of Apple Stores. In the next two to three years the Redmond company plans to open an additional 75 retail stores across America and in other countries as well. As noted by, Microsoft announced the expansion pl...

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Rumor: Apple planning something in stores for retail anniversary

Just this morning we were hearing rumors that Apple was planning some sort of event for this weekend's retail anniversary, and now BGR has heard that there's a flurry of activity behind the counter at Apple Stores. There are some overnight shifts planned for this weekend, black curtains to go u...

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Apple Stores (probably not) opening early tomorrow

There's a report flying around that Apple is opening a few retail stores early tomorrow, with brand new shipments of iPad 2s ready to go out the door, but before you grab your wallet and set your alarm, not so fast. TUAW did a quick survey of retail stores near our various houses, and none of t...

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Apple may drop peripherals and some games from its retail stores

According to The Loop, quoting sources inside Apple, Apple Stores will be clearing out over 30 boxed games and some hardware items from retail shelves soon. The changes are the result of Apple wanting more room to help customers set up their new purchases, get email up and running, and basically f...

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Ouch! Accident at Berkeley Apple Store construction site closes two businesses

Two walls have partially collapsed at the construction site for Apple's new Berkeley store, forcing two neighboring businesses to temporarily close. There was "A very large bang" at about 9:50 AM on the morning of February 22, according to George Kiskaddon, a partner at the book store Builders Book...

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Apple retail store sales climb 8%

Apple just continues to ignore the bad economic conditions -- sales at Apple Stores have reportedly gone up 8% during the quarter that ended in March. That's a pretty wholesome figure considering no new Apple computers were offered -- before you protest and ask about the iPad and the new MacBooks, d...

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Official: Apple sells more than 300K iPads on day one

Apple announced this morning that it sold more than 300,000 iPads on opening day. The comprehensive number includes pre-order pickups, deliveries to channel partners and walk-in sales at Apple Stores. Additionally, customers went home and downloaded more than 1,000,000 apps (oh, it's on) and 250...

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Steve Jobs helping overhaul Disney retail

The New York Times has posted about a new project that our own Mr. Jobs has taken on: he's now helping out Disney Stores with their retail business. You have to hand it to Disney, no matter what you think of the Mouse House -- when they have a problem with part of the business, they bring in the e...

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Apple t-shirt quilt available on eBay

I don't know how comfy a quilt made out of t-shirts would be, but maybe the fact that they're all Apple t-shirts will help. That's exactly what this quilt is made out of -- it's up over on eBay right now, and while the price is only around $36 at the time of this writing, it's probably gone up sin...

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Analysis: iTunes holds 12.6% of the US music market

Stick with us here: a new report by Forrester Research claims that of all the music purchased in the US, digital purchases have jumped to 18% of the total, and they expect it to go up to 41% of total sales over the next five years. That means that about 20% of all the music sold in the US is bough...

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Apple Stores receive iPhone 3G window displays

Gizmodo is reporting that Apple stores have started receiving their new window displays for the iPhone 3G launch. The iPhone display is similar to those that showed for last year's iPhone launch -- with a few design changes to mimic the iPhone 3G. According to Gizmodo, Apple stores around the count...

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Apple Camp '08 schedule posted

Today Apple posted the schedule for Apple Camp. Apple Camp is held at Apple retail stores for kids 8-12 to go learn about creative things like: making presentations with Keynote, taking and managing photos with iPhoto, creating music with GarageBand, and making movies with iMovie. Each sessions las...

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Get a Jawbone with your iPhone

One of our Weblogs, Inc. designers sent a Twitter the other day bragging that his new Aliph Jawbone had appeared on his doorstep. After a quick Google search, I realized he wasn't talking about a new part of his anatomy, but rather a hot little Bluetooth headset. They don't get slicker than this-- n...

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