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Macworld 2010: Chatting with Phil Libin of Evernote

There are some big fans of Evernote on the TUAW staff -- we've talked quite a bit about the app that promises to store important clips and notes from anywhere, and make them accessible at any time. But even if you haven't heard of the app before, the interview with CEO Phil Libin is definitely wort...

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Your iPhone and iPhoto library are in sync with Simplify Photo

Like its music app on the iPhone, which allows you to use your iPhone to tap into your desktop's music collection, Simplify Media provides similar functionality with photos through its Simplify Photo [iTunes link] iPhone app. Many of us are forgetful in some form, and this trait is especially m...

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Apple posts iPhone event video

As the day is slowly drawing to a close (quite literally for iPhone developers who are downloading the SDK), Apple has finally put up the video from the iPhone 3.0 event today. You can watch Greg, Scott, Phil, and others as they discuss Apple's plans for the new iPhone OS and SDK. Be sure to check o...

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Apple posts "Notebook" keynote event video

If you've been reading TUAW today, you already know all of the exciting news from today's event. However, some people would rather hear it straight from Steve's mouth instead of reading the "spoilers," so here's your chance. Apple just posted the keynote video for the Apple Special Event. You can...

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Apple posts video of WWDC 2008 keynote

Apple has posted video of Steve Jobs' keynote presentation this morning. The video is available via QuickTime, and covers all the announcements of the iPhone 3G, the App Store, MobileMe, and more. Thanks, Omer!...

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MySpace web app on the iPhone

Jake Marsh sent along this neat screencast of an iPhone web app for MySpace that he's working on. Facebook basically seems to be the gold standard of social networking web apps these days, and this looks basically just like that one. It is cool that you can look up people right away, but the real i...

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SlingPlayer for Mac OS X (beta) lands 10/31

We've seen screenshots, and we've even seen it in action, but now Sharon R., in her first corporate blog post for Sling Media, has laid down the law by announcing a Tuesday, October 31st release date (yea, All Hallows' Eve) of their much-anticipated SlingPlayer for Mac OS X public beta. She even wen...

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New Slingbox supports Mac OS X, Symbian - but where's the software?

It's time to check in again on the Slingbox's journey to Mac OS X, as Dave Zatz pinged us with some more details and a purty picture he took off one of the new Slingbox AV models at Best Buy. Turns out there are going to be three new models - Tuner, AV and Pro. Tuner ($150) goes the bare bones route...

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Borrow shared iTunes music with ourTunes

Streaming iTunes music over a network is good, but being able to actually pull down and borrow that music is great, and ourTunes is just the app for the job. Running on Mac and PC (I think it's java), ourTunes allows you to browse the library of anyone on your network who has sharing switched on in...

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Disney CEO confirms iTV has a hard drive under the hood

Mr. J is either going to be ticked that Disney's new CEO Rober Iger leaked a much-speculated feature of the upcoming iTV, or it's a clever piece of marketing to which he gave a thumbs up in the first place. Regardless, thanks to the iPod Observer, we now know the iTV, Apple's upcoming AirPort-Expres...

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Slingbox beta client coming for Mac OS X

If you're primarily a Mac user, you probably haven't heard much about Slingbox, largely in part because it's never had a Mac OS X client. Slingbox, for those interested, is a device that attaches to your home TV/cable/DVR setup and allows you to stream your TV programming over the internet, typicall...

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Turn internet radio streams into MP3s with RadioLover

RadioLover allows you to easily record streaming internet radio stations (not just from iTunes) into MP3 format for listening to later or on your favorite portable music player (It's like TiVo for internet radio!). Songs can be automatically tagged with relevant metadata like artist, station, etc., ...

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Stream iLife media to your Xbox 360

If you're one of the Crazy Ones who fought their way through hordes of game-addicted line-dwellers at Best Buy to get their hands on one of those swanky new Xbox 360s, this may interest you: Nullriver -- the same company that brought you Amaryllis and PSPWare -- has developed an app called Connect36...

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