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Tag: streaming music

Amazon launches 'cloud locker' music service

Amazon announced Cloud Drive and Cloud Player for the Web and Android, a new web-based service that lets you store your music and other files in the cloud and access them on the go. Streaming music is possible using a web-based player compatible with the Mac and PC as well as an Android applica...

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iHome gives further details on AirPlay-ready speakers

iHome's first AirPlay compatible wireless speaker system didn't make it out for the holiday season as expected, but they have just released further information on the system, now known as the iW1. We first got wind of the iW1 last September. Back then we simply knew that it would be a wireless s...

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Spotify denies talks with Apple

Despite rumors to the contrary, UK-based Spotify denies being in talks with Apple over a possible acquisition. In an interview with CNET, Spotify representative Jim Butcher said that is company has "...absolutely no intention" of selling to Apple or anyone for that matter. That takes care of that...

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Rumor: Apple looking at buying Spotify... to incorporate it or close it?

Fans of streaming music service Spotify might not want to read this story. The last time Apple bought such a company, it lived on for about six months before being unceremoniously shuttered. Hopefully if a rumored buyout of Spotify does go through, the service will face a happier outcome than Lala ...

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Apple may double the size of its North Carolina data center

We still don't know what it's for, and it hasn't even officially opened yet, but multiple sources are claiming that Apple is already planning on doubling the size of its North Carolina data center. A local realtor informed Data Center Knowledge that "site work is being performed," which seems to ...

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iHome reveals first AirPlay wireless speaker system

iHome, makers of iPhone and iPod accessories, is the first to announce an AirPlay compatible wireless speaker system. So far, the details are slim, but what we do know is that it will incorporate Apple's new AirPlay technology, have a rechargeable battery, and be available for the holiday season! ...

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Streaming app Grooveshark pulled from App Store

Grooveshark, the music-streaming app that's had a home on Cydia for the past year, was kicked out of the App Store after Apple notified the company that they received a complaint from Universal Music Group UK. While Apple has approved streaming music apps (such as Rhapsody) in the past, Groovesha...

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MusicNAO offers unique dock for iPhone and iPod touch

Canadian company Cignias has announced an interesting product in the home audio/iPhone category. It's called the MusicNAO and it allows you to wirelessly control a docked iPod with an iPhone or iPod touch. It also lets you play music wirelessly to the dock from an iPhone or iPod touch. The music str...

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Apple approves Spotify app

The Telegraph from the UK reports (via Paid Content) that after more than a month in limbo, the music-streaming app Spotify for the iPhone has been approved. Spotify is to Europe what Rhapsody is to the U.S. -- and we even took a look at Rhapsody's iPhone offering just a couple days ago. Spotify w...

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Real Networks submitting Rhapsody music service for iPhone. Duck!

Now this will be interesting to watch. RealNetworks, not always best of friends with Apple, is submitting an iPhone app so subscribers can access the Rhapsody music service. The app is designed to be full-featured, and will let Rhapsody subscribers get easy control of the on-demand music service. R...

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SweetFM now an open source project

Update: SweetFM has now been moved to a project on GitHub SweetFM, a totally awesome Mac client for the streaming music & recommendations service, is now an open source project. This means that anyone can download it for free and you no longer have to pay $29.00 for a license key to u...

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SweetFM brings tasty integration to your Mac

I'm a big music fan, and I spend a good portion of my day listening to an iPod or iTunes because music helps me concentrate and stay motivated. I have a pretty extensive music collection, but I also enjoy streaming music services like and Pandora to find new music, listen to a mix of relat...

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Simplify Music for iPhone fixes nasty demo mode

The very popular Simplify Music [App Store link] iPhone/iPod touch app has now given users the option as to whether or not they want to see the 'demo' library. At the end of last month the updated free desktop app and the iPhone app, $2.99US, were changed so that demo tracks were added to the list o...

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