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March Madness to stream to the iPad and iPhone for free

CBS, Turner Sports and the NCAA announced this week that streaming content from the March Madness basketball tournament will be made available to iOS users for free. In the past, CBS has streamed the content for free over the internet and to iPhone owners via a paid application. Last year, the ...

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Confirmed: A million Apple TVs sold

All Things Digital has confirmed that rumor last week that Apple expected to sell a million of the new Apple TV units. One million of those little black boxes have wandered out the doors of Apple Stores everywhere, and have presumably been plugged into televisions to stream content from iTunes, Net...

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SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone updated with better quality video and a new guide

SlingPlayer Mobile for the iPhone and iPod touch has been updated to version 2.0. The guide is improved, matching the iPad version, and video streaming quality is improved if you have a Slingbox SOLO or Pro-HD model. Happily, older Slingboxes will still work with this update, but you won't get the h...

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SPB TV brings streaming TV to the iPhone and iPad, if you aren't too picky

SPB TV Free is a little app that gives you more than 100 free TV channels for your iOS device. You get channels from 17 countries, including a few in the US. The only problem? You may not be interested in the television shows the app makes available. There are English language broadcasts from NHK in...

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Mobiola WebCamera: a first look at an iPhone-based webcam app

At least once a week, I use the iSight camera on my iMac act as the video source for TUAW TV Live. While it works very well, I sometimes need to add a second camera to the Mac in order to demonstrate something on an iPad or other device. That just hasn't worked out too well, since many of the camera...

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The iOS 4.2 preview show, today on TUAW TV Live

Fortunately for those of us who are easily amused, Apple's operating system updates seem to be scheduled just far apart enough to make each release seem like Christmas Day. We anxiously await for the release to show up like kids waiting to open a special present, we tear open the box (in this analo...

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Is your new Apple TV skipping frames?

Apple's new $99 Apple TV may be getting a lot more fans than its predecessor, but early reports from a number of users are indicating that the streaming video on the device sometimes skips frames. As reported on 9to5Mac and relayed by several of our readers from personal experience, the issue may no...

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Today on TUAW TV Live: The Mac Observer's John Martellaro

Would you believe it's Wednesday already? Today at 5 PM EDT (2 PM PDT), I'll have a special guest on TUAW TV Live. John Martellaro is the Senior Editor at The Mac Observer, and his background in the world of Apple includes a stint at the company as a Senior Marketing Manager for science and techn...

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TUAW TV Live this afternoon at 5 PM EDT: The Apple TV episode

When last week's episode of TUAW TV Live was being streamed, my Apple TV had just been delivered and I hadn't been able to do more than shoot a quick unboxing video. After a week, I've had an opportunity to put the new Apple TV through its paces and find what I like and dislike about the new unit. ...

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Netflix adds video out for iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod touch

Netflix has updated its iPhone app to support video out, but there is a caveat. You need to have an iPhone 4 or a 4th generation iPod touch, or it's no-go. Of course, you'll need the component Apple AV Cable or the composite AV Cable. Both are a bit pricey at US $49.00, but they will do the job. The...

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PlayOn TV for iPhone finally approved

Now that the proverbial floodgates have opened at the App Store, we're starting to see some apps showing up that were previously denied entry. Internet TV provider PlayOn was one of those companies that had tried to get their iPhone app approved months ago, but was told by Apple that their service n...

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TUAW TV Live: Talking apps with Sam Levin at 5 PM EDT

Today's special guest on TUAW TV Live will be veteran podcaster Sam Levin, host of the AppMinute podcast (click to subscribe). Sam's well-known for short podcasts that are chock-full of plenty of information. When the two of us get together on the air this afternoon at 5 PM EDT, we'll have a lot to ...

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iHome reveals first AirPlay wireless speaker system

iHome, makers of iPhone and iPod accessories, is the first to announce an AirPlay compatible wireless speaker system. So far, the details are slim, but what we do know is that it will incorporate Apple's new AirPlay technology, have a rechargeable battery, and be available for the holiday season! ...

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Why I'm not excited about the new Apple TV

I'll admit it. I'll buy almost anything Apple makes. I was going to hold out on the iPad, but after reading more about it, I wound up in line the first day it was for sale. As they say, resistance is futile. That's not the case with the Apple TV. When Apple brings a product out, I expect a small ...

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Netflix app hits the iPhone and iPod touch

Here's some great news for Netflix subscribers. The free Netflix app has finally made it to the iPhone and iPod touch. Netflix members on plans as low as US$8.99 a month can instantly watch movies and TV shows streamed from the Netflix servers. This has been an eagerly-awaited app (the iPad versi...

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