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Studio Neat on integrating Apple Pay directly into an app

Studio Neat is the development studio behind Slow Fast Slow, a video-speed-control app that switched from paid to ad-supported last year. Countless app developers before them have made this switch, but Studio Neat took one unusual step; the only ad in the app was for another of the studio's produ...

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Studio Neat introduces new, adjustable Glif

From the "why didn't they think of that before?" department: Studio Neat, the design firm that created the amazingly useful Glif for the iPhoneographers of the world, has just introduced a new model of the tripod adapter/stand that expands or contracts to fit the dimensions of your smartphone. Th...

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Glif now available for iPhone 5

Studio Neat has released an updated Glif for the iPhone 5. This accessory can act as a stand in any number of positions, aside from its primary purpose of serving as a tripod mount for the iPhone. I use the Glif mostly as a mount with my 4S, and it pairs well with Joby's GorillaPod. The Glif ...

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Glif+: Even more iPhoneography love in the same small package

If there's one accessory that every iPhoneographer should have in his or her pocket, it's the Glif. You probably remember our previous coverage of this cool little gizmo -- it fits onto the side of an iPhone and has a standard tripod screw mount on the bottom. Now Studio Neat has made the Glif ...

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Glif creators release stop-motion movie app, Frames

Studio Neat, best known for the Glif, which enables you to mount an iPhone to a tripod, has released its first iOS app. Frames is a time-lapse/stop-motion movie app that enables you to create these sorts of films on the iPhone. You can capture and export video at 720p, adjust shutter settings, loc...

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Countdown to the last few hours before The Cosmonaut stylus launch

If you're an artist and you like to paint with your iPad, then you know how much nicer it can be to use a capacitive stylus rather then your finger. While there are already a number of styluses that work with iOS devices on the market, Studio Neat has decided there's room for one more. The Cosmon...

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