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Study confirms: Some people are way too invested in their favorite brand

Did you weep into your cornflakes over Antennagate last year? Me either, but a new study suggests that some people might have. According to Ars Technica, researchers at the University of Illinois discovered that attacks upon people's favorite brands can be perceived as attacks against their sel...

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Study: iPhone users would give up their toothbrushes before their devices

A survey by GPS mobile apps developer TeleNav reveals that 40% of iPhone users would rather give up their toothbrushes for a week than their iPhones. That number compares to 22% of total smartphone owners (Android, BlackBerry, etc.) who said the same thing. What does that mean? Either iPhone us...

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Scientific study shows internet use changes human memory

The internet has fundamentally affected the way people access and store information, and many people (myself included) have wondered if it's also changing the way our minds work. According to the New York Times, a recently published scientific paper shows that we are indeed changing the way we ...

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Usability study finds many iPad apps still need to work on their UI

The Nielsen Norman Group did a usability study on iPad apps not long after the device's debut in 2010. A year later, they've done a followup study to see how things fare today. While most apps have made big strides in overall usability in the year since the iPad's debut, many of the apps covered...

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Study wrongly suggests iPad readers skim, show poor retention

Miratech conducted a study that compared the way people read a newspaper with the way they read on the iPad. The research used reading time, gaze patterns and eye movement to discern any difference between the two mediums. The study concluded that people concentrate more on the content and reme...

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Study finds AT&T iPhone downloads twice as fast as Verizon's

We reported this morning on Verizon's iPad data rates crushing AT&T's, but if you're looking for raw download speed instead of cost savings, it might be worth checking out AT&T. Network World reported that studies from Metrico Wireless in five US cities showed that the iPhone 4 downlo...

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New study questions extent of iPod-induced hearing loss

Have you heard? Apparently iPods cause hearing loss. A Journal of the American Medical Association study published in August found that 14.9 percent of teenagers aged 12-19 suffered from hearing loss from 1988-94; 19.5 percent of the same age group had hearing loss from 2005-06. Throw in another s...

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Study: iPad owners are selfish elitists, non-owners are independent geeks

Hey we didn't say it, we only repeated it. Consumer firm MyType has done a study of the opinions of 20,000 people, and have determined that iPad owners are wealthy, sophisticated, educated, and score very low in tests designed to chart altruism and kindness. In short, they're rich and smart, but a...

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iPad stealing sales of e-readers and portable game consoles

In a balky economy with limited opportunities for people to spend discretionary income on electronics, it's not surprising that a purchase of one device -- an iPad, for example -- might keep a person from purchasing an e-reader device like an Amazon Kindle or a portable game console. A report re...

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Reading a book is faster than reading an iBook

A study conducted by usability consultant Jakob Nielsen claims that reading on e-book readers like the iPad and the Kindle still doesn't match up to the reading speed of good old printed paper. The test chose 32 people (admittedly a small sample, but one that was felt to be representative of an e-re...

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Study considers how Android tablets could affect iPad sales

Consumer electronics shopping and review site Retrevo (always happy to surf on the newsworthiness of the Apple tablet) has conducted another study, this time about the iPad's rise in popularity. Could it dominate its market like the iPod has done or become as popular as the iPhone? The study address...

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Obvious: Apple fans who own Apple products can't wait to buy the iPad

This is probably one for the obvious department, but we'll share it with you anyway. An NPD study released last week says that device awareness for the iPad is already very high (no duh), and that it's highest among 18-34 year old current Apple owners (double duh) with $100,000 or greater income. So...

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NPD: Apple ranked #5 US electronics retailer in 2009

Market research firm NPD Group has published its annual report profiling the consumer retail sector for 2009, and guess who made the list of top five electronics retailers? Hint: If you guessed the Microsoft Store, you would be wrong, and everyone would be pointing and laughing at you right now. No,...

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Report: One-fifth of smart phone buyers want Android

Those incessant Droid ads are working, as consumer interest is climbing. Last December, ChangeWave Research conducted a study to determine what kinds of smartphones shoppers want. As in previous surveys, the iPhone topped the list. However, 21% of the 4,068 consumers who stated their intention to...

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Study: Android and iPhone users show same usage trends, heavy app usage

A study put together by analytics firms comScore and Compete says that while Android and iPhone users probably aren't the same people, they certainly act like it. Usage patterns line up almost exactly across the board, differing by only a few percentage points in categories from social networking...

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