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JaJa pressure sensitive stylus uses sound to communicate

We're starting to see some really great accessories for the iPad, and I would say a pressure-sensitive stylus is worth it if it works like my Wacom tablets do. While I love to sketch things on my iPad, I have always missed the pressure sensitivity I had with my old Wacom. Steve reviewed the Jot...

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The Nomad Flex paintbrush stylus will let you paint on a touchscreen (as well as you already can)

We've talked about the Nomad Brush before -- it's a capacitive paintbrush stylus that's designed to be used on a touchscreen canvas, letting you paint across your iPad's (or iPhone's, though the size of that screen makes it a little tougher) touchscreen with your favorite art-making app. Now, N...

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Pogo Connect: The best pressure-sensitive Bluetooth 4 stylus yet

Artists using the iPad to create their artworks now have a "brush" that is like no other in terms of its flexibility, sensitivity and similarity to traditional artists tools. TenOne Design is set to ship the Pogo Connect pressure-sensitive Bluetooth stylus (US$79.95) on October 31, and it will ...

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Adonit Jot Touch pressure-sensitive Bluetooth stylus for iPad

Although there are many electrostatic styluses for the iPad for those who wish to use them, the seemingly unattainable goal of creating a pressure-sensitive stylus eluded peripheral manufacturers until now. Adonit's Jot Touch (US$99.99) became available to the public earlier this week, becoming...

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HAND Stylus jumps from Kickstarter to your iOS device

While the bloggers here at TUAW are of varied opinions about whether or not one should use a stylus with a touchscreen, we love to see the products that innovative manufacturers come up with. A recent Kickstarter project that is now 514 percent funded and in production, the HAND Stylus (US$25) ...

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Credit card-sized stylus in the works at Quirky

Quirky is a design shop that uses ideas from a crowd of contributors and influencers to create new products. In the past, it's come up with some incredibly useful Apple-related accessories like the US$12.99 Power Curl, which has made its inventor almost $80,000 in royalties. Now the company is ...

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Ten One Design outs iPad 3 pressure sensitive Bluetooth stylus

Ten One Design has brought a number of well-received accessories to the iOS world, including the recently announced Magnus iPad stand. Now the company has taken the wraps off of a new pressure sensitive stylus that it is publicly stating as "our first product for the iPad 3." Dubbed "Project Blue ...

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Samsung insults iPhone owners with Super Bowl ad touting oversized stylus phone

Samsung USA has been on the warpath against Apple fans lately with a series of ads that show bored, desperate people standing in line for Apple's next product while happy hipsters show off their Android-powered Sammy devices. During yesterday's Super Bowl, the company took the gloves off with a re...

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Ten One Design premieres Pogo Sketch Plus and Magnus iPad stand at CES

It's always great to see the guys from Ten One Design at various trade shows and conventions we cover here at TUAW and seeing them again at CES was no exception. This time around, in addition to displaying the popular Fling joystick for iPhone and iPad, Ten One had two new products on display. ...

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IPEVO Typi folio case and Chopstakes styli for iPad

IPEVO is an innovative computer peripheral manufacturer that has produced some rather impressive products -- the P2V USB Document Cam and Tubular Wireless Speakers, to name two -- and is now making a leap into the iPad market with two new products. The Typi (US$79) is a folio case for iPad with...

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Adonit's Jot is a stylish, precise stylus for the iPad

A few months ago I reviewed the Adonit Writer, a superb keyboard case for the iPad. The Writer was the debut product from Adonit, and it's since released an updated version for the iPad 2. Apparently Adonit was just getting started, because it's nearly ready to launch a new product, the Jot. ...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me find a pointy iPad stylus

Dear Aunty TUAW, I just bought an iPad and I want a stylus for taking notes, but every stylus I see online has a tip that's as blunt as a piece of chalk. Why aren't there any pointy-tip capacitive styli available? Your friend, R Dear R, Pointy styluses (stylii?) are a no-go because th...

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Review: Crayola ColorStudio HD and Griffin iMarker pair up for coloring time

When Griffin and Crayola announced their collaboration back at CES in January, the idea of a combined stylus and drawing/painting iPad app for kids -- with the power to distinguish between finger touches and the tip of the stylus -- sounded fantastic. The flexibility of the iPad for keeping kid...

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Maglus iPad stylus rendered for, an Irish Kickstarter-like project

Considering the iPad 2 works just fine with just a finger for most people, I wouldn't have thought there was much of a mass-market for a capacitive stylus for use on the 9.7" tablet. But that hasn't stopped people trying, including a new Irish Kickstarter-like project called The Maglus. The M...

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Kickstart the Flow: a capacitive touchscreen paintbrush

It must be stylus month on Kickstarter, with first the Cosmonaut and now the Flow appearing on the funding website. Like the Nomad Brush, the Flow by Joystickers is modeled after a paintbrush. The Flow has capacitive bristles rather than the traditional foam tip to more closely match the tactil...

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