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SubEthaEdit 3.1 plays nicer with the 'net

SubEthaEdit, the high-power collaborative code editor from The Coding Monkeys, has been bumped to version 3.1 with new features to make collaboration easier than ever. SubEthaEdit has always worked well for LAN collaboration, but many users found the manual setup for sharing over the internet to be ...

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SubEthaEdit version 3.0

SubEthaEdit is probably the original collaborative text editor on the Mac allowing multiple folks to work on a document at the same time over a local network or the internet. Now TheCodingMonkeys have released version 3.0 with a new custom file format that "stores collaboration metadata and history ...

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SubEthaEdit is Now Tabtastic

Quirky, but cool, collaborative text editor SubEthaEdit is out today with version 2.6, which adds everybody's favorite (relatively) new UI item: tabs. Of course the main reason to use SubEthaEdit remains its collaborative features, nonetheless the addition of tabs is definitely a strong secondary r...

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The TUAW Interview: 3 Developers behind My Dream App

A few days ago I sat down (virtually) with the 3 developers who will be coding the winning ideas from My Dream App (they are also judges). Austin Sarner (AppZapper), Jason Harris (Shapeshifter, ThemePark, and Chicken of the VNC to name a few), and Martin Ott (SubEthaEdit) have a big task ahead of t...

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SubEthaEdit 2.5

SubEthaEdit, the collaborative text editor of the gods, has hit version 2.5. There are a raft of new features in this point release, including: An application wide AppleScript menu Tons of scriptabilty improvements Hidden files can be seen in open and save dialogs Many bug fixes SubEthaEd...

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macZOT! offers SubEthaEdit

Speaking of free, those crazy folks at macZOT! are at it again. They are running BLOGZOT 2.0 on MacZOT.com (what's up with all the caps?) in which several thousand copies of SubEthaEdit (totaling about $105,000 in software) might be given away. Why do I say 'might be given away'? Because the concept...

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