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Daily iPhone App: Cupidtino

We covered Cupidtino a little while ago. It's a dating site for Mac users who are looking for love. Given its purview and the fact that no web service is complete without an iPhone app, Cupidtino has released an iPhone app for single Apple fans. I kid but it's actually pretty nice. You can browse ...

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Call of Duty Elite mobile apps for iOS out today

Activision has announced that its Call of Duty Elite mobile apps are arriving on iOS today -- they should be available for download from the App Store before long. The apps do require you to be registered to the Elite service (which works in conjunction to track all of your stats from the extre...

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EA (re)releases Tetris on the iPhone

Electronic Arts has released yet another copy of Tetris, this time for the iPhone, and it's actually pretty good. In addition to all of the other big releases on the App Store last night, Tetris showed up and replaced EA's older version of the game. While it might seem strange to redo a game th...

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Apple [doesn't allow] subscription-based iPad gaming for the first time (Updated)

Update: The app has been pulled from the store. John Gruber hypothesizes that the app was actually approved in error, with the App Store screening team not realizing that they had made a policy shift. Bloomberg reports that Apple has allowed Big Fish Games to begin offering its games in a sub...

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MLB may implement subscription next season

Major League Baseball has embraced social media and mobile devices in a big way and it looks like this early adoption is paying off. The MLB At Bat app was downloaded 1.6 million times across all mobile platforms and is reportedly the highest grossing app in the iTunes App Store, according to a...

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Kazaa reborn as iPhone, iPad music service

Several years back, Kazaa shed its roots as a file-sharing service with questionable content and is now a legitimate music subscription service. To expand its offerings, the subscription service recently introduced both an iPhone and an iPad client. Similar to Rdio and Spotify, Kazaa lets you...

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Former EMI boss says Limewire users were major iTunes customers

Douglas C. Merrill used to work for record label EMI, one of the biggest members of the RIAA. He was forced out just a year later, but now he's sharing information from inside the company. And some of that information points to an interesting conclusion about music pirates: they often end up be...

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Spotify goes live in the US, iOS app now available

As expected, Spotify went live in the US at 8 am ET. The free service which limits the amount of time you can listen will be available via invites which will roll out gradually starting today. If you don't want to wait, you can grab a paid Spotify plan right now. Subscribers in the US can sig...

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Five ways for iOS developers to deal with Apple's new subscription guidelines

Over the weekend, Hulu subtly updated its iOS application to comply with Apple's revised in-app subscription guidelines. As Mike Schramm posted earlier, it removed the link on its main sign-in page that allowed users to visit to sign up for service. Apple states in section 11.14 o...

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Wired, GQ in-app purchase subscriptions launching today

Condé Nast has officially launched subscriptions today for iPad editions of Wired and GQ. The Wired and GQ apps are free, and readers can buy either single issues at US$1.99 a pop or a full year for $19.99 through in-app purchases. The subscriptions automatically renew until you cancel t...

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UK newspaper The Telegraph offers subscriptions through iPad

The UK newspaper The Telegraph has released version 2.0 of its iPad app. The updated app features a 30-day archive, night reading mode and greater depth of content, including video, picture galleries, graphics and cartoon archives. However, the big feature of the updated app is the pricing plan...

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Financial Times hopes to avoid iTunes subscription rules

Despite a few objections after Apple announced its subscription setup for iOS apps, the service is underway -- developers and publishers can sell content subscriptions through the App Store, and of course Apple gets a 30 percent cut. One publisher is still holding out: the UK's Financial Times ...

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MLB offers free trial during April for buying app

Baseball season started this week, and things are already off to a rip-roaring start, with the Yankees in first place. My Cubs are, well, losing as I write this (Dempster's grand slam on Friday didn't help my fantasy baseball team, either). We've already reported that the terrific MLB apps for ...

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Popular Science has sold 10,000 iPad magazine subscriptions

When Apple introduced its new subscription terms earlier this year, Popular Science embraced this change and introduced subscription-based billing into its iPad-based magazine. Now that six weeks have elapsed, publisher Bonnier Technology Group is happy to report that Pop Sci now has 10,000 iPad ...

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TinyGrab declines to sell subscriptions through the App Store

Add another name to the list of developers who are choosing to opt-out of Apple's subscription restrictions lately. Rhapsody and Readability were the first two we posted about, although Readability didn't so much opt-out as get rejected and decide not to play the subscription game. Now, a service c...

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