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Apple joins Facebook, Google, others to combat Paul Allen's charges

Back in August, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen formally sued 11 tech companies, including Apple, over the use of technologies for which he holds the patents. Now, Apple has joined Google, Facebook, Yahoo! and others in opposing the suit. Google initially filed a motion to dismiss the claims on O...

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Paul Allen's company sues Apple, Google

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has formally sued Apple, Google and several others over the use of technologies for which he holds the patents. The Wall Street Journal was unable to reach any of the parties involved for comment, but notes that Allen has been going after companies, many of them hi...

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AT&T, Apple sued over iPhone 4 antenna issue

This just in from the Whopping & Unexpected Surprises Department: in response to the iPhone 4's apparent reception problems, a pair of Maryland residents filed suit in Maryland federal court on Wednesday. They claim that Apple and AT&T knowingly sold phones with a defective antenna desig...

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Pocket protector, meet your cousin: the iPad suit

Apple products often spawn ecosystems of product categories to facilitate their existence. The iPod and iPhone, for instance, gave birth to speaker docks, FM transmitters and protective cases. And now an ecosystem of products is materializing for the iPad: they include cases of all sorts, bean bag ...

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Apple has countersued Kodak

Apple filed suit against Kodak on April 15th, 2010, claiming that it has infringed on two of Apple's granted patents. This comes after Kodak filed suits against both Apple and RiM in January. The suit targets Kodak's C, M and Z series EasyShare cameras as well as the popular Zi8. Apple claims that...

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Kodak suing Apple and RIM over photo preview patents

Now that suing Apple is practically an Olympic event, Kodak is having a turn. They've filed two actions against Apple and RIM, and a third against Apple only. The first two claim that Apple and RIM infringe upon Kodak's method of previewing images with the iPhone and Blackberry. The third complai...

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Psystar gets countersuit dismissed, case heats up

Yesterday brought about a bit of disappointing news for Mac-clone maker Psystar. Ars Technica is reporting that Psystar's countersuit, which alleged that Apple violated an anti-trust act by tying their operating system to hardware, was thrown out of court. US District Judge William Alsup made the de...

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Psystar countersues Apple

The Psystar saga continues. Back in April, Psystar went public with the first commercial Hackintosh clones. For US$554, they'd send you a Core 2 Duo minitower with Mac OS X preinstalled. In June, they released rack-mount servers with Leopard Server preinstalled in both 1U (starting $1599) and 2U (st...

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Psystar fights back, hires attorney

The Apple vs. Psystar battle continues to heat up as Psystar has hired a "well-known" attorney to handle the case. Attorneys at Carr & Ferrell (who won settled the 2006 lawsuit against Apple) have filled for an extension to the suit, which gives Psystar until August 18th to make a repl...

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Class action lawsuits filed against Apple

Just when you think Apple's financial woes have begun to recede, alerts us to a slew of recently filed class action lawsuits that all have the big fruit in their sights. First up is yet another complaint alleging that Apple has created a monopoly by tying iTS purchases to the iPod and onl...

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Full Apple v. Apple decision available online

As you probably know, Apple Computer emerged victorious (for now) in their suit with Apple Corps, The Beatles' record label. Today, the full version of the final decision has been made available online. It's very extensive, and outlines not only MR Justice Mann's recent decision but the details of t...

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Apple wins legal battle with The Beatles

Wow. As you may know, Apple (the computer company) was sued by Apple Corps (the Beatles' record label) for use of the apple logo and name in conjunction with iTunes, the iTunes Music Store and the iPod. The two groups came to a tentative agreement back in 1991 which stated, briefly, that Apple Compu...

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Apple sued for iTunes interface

Lately it seems like filing suit against Apple is quite in fashion. Today I read that Contois Music Technology is seeking damages against Apple for alleged patent violations in the iTunes Music Store. The suit is seeking monetary compensation and requests that Apple stop distributing copies of iTune...

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