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Planning a Super Bowl party? Check out these apps

With the countdown to the Super Bowl underway, TUAW is here to highlight some apps that will help smooth out your party planning. Apple helped as well, releasing its own list of Super Bowl party apps. We'll share some of those with you, as well as a few of our own favorites....

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CBS Sports updates pro football iPad app for playoffs

I may not be happy about what happened to my New England Patriots on Sunday, but that won't stop me from following the last four teams on their road to the Super Bowl this year. For those of you who may feel the same way, 148Apps is reporting that CBS Sports has updated their free CBS Sports Pro Fo...

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Talkcast tonight, 10 p.m. ET: The 'let's hope the Super Bowl is over by then' episode

Last week, my friends Steve Sande and Megan Lavey joined me for an erudite discussion over drinks about the White House's tech woes, the iWork trojan making its rounds, and our favorite Mac memories. Feel absolutely free to download the show from Talkshoe or subscribe in iTunes. This week, hopefully...

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Super Bowl highlights now in iTunes

If you want to relive that abysmal game for only $1.99US (it's a 22 minute video), just click here to be taken to the iTunes Store. Now that the season is over, I wonder if that's the end of NFL content in iTunes? The Pro Bowl will be played this weekend, and the NFL Network (which has been providin...

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Apple '1984' ad 10th in CBS countdown

In the realm of ridiculous rankings, what could be more trivial than "best Superbowl commercial ever?" And yet, CBS has devoted an hour tonight to this burning question. Three years ago, Apple's legendary 1984 ad ranked #4 in the fan voting; tonight it came in at #10. Starting at 9:30 ET/PT, voting ...

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Expect Superbowl highlights in iTunes

Apple has fostered a relationship with the NFL this year, posting game and team highlights, as well as NFL network programming, to the iTunes Store all season long. We're sure that Superbowl Highlights will also be added, but until then you can relive Superbowls past through the eyes of the players ...

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23 years ago we found out why 1984 wouldn't be like 1984

Many people call Apple's 1984 ad (this one is slightly updated), which introduced the Macintosh, as the best ad ever made. It aired 23 years ago today during Super Bowl XVIII. Head on over to Tony Long's piece for Wired to see why this iconic ad almost never saw the light of day. Here's my questi...

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SuperBowl Bombshell?

As we all well know, Apple stunned the world with a single SuperBowl commerical back in 1984. And now the Toronto Sun claims that Apple "plans a 'special' announcement scheduled for a Super Bowl commercial on Feb. 4." As Erica previously posted, all signs point to the Beatles in iTunes. Electonista ...

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