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LG solves iPad display quality issue, shipments resume

Display manufacturer LG was reportedly struggling to meet production targets for Apple's iPad 2 LCD due to quality issues (particularly a "light leak" issue noted in early models). According to a report from DigiTimes, LG has solved those issues and is back to cranking out displays for Apple as...

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Apple hires two camera suppliers for the iPhone 5

Apple has tapped both Largan Precision and Genius Electronic Optical to supply some lenses/camera modules for the rumored upcoming iPhone 5, according to the Taiwan Economic News. Both of the companies have worked on 5 megapixel camera modules that you can now find in the iPhone 4, so it's not ...

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Parts suppliers reportedly prep for iPhone 5, iPad 3 assembly

Digitimes is reporting that the suppliers for the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 are gearing up to provide components for the next iterations of both of those devices. That in and of itself isn't really surprising -- of course Apple is working on new iterations of all of its devices. But what is interesti...

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Suppliers ramp up to support iPad 2 demand

With queues still forming at 4 AM at some Apple stores, and whole countries selling out completely, demand for the iPad 2 is so high that Apple suppliers are ramping up production of its various components. AppleInsider reports that Samsung is hiring 300 new engineers for a semiconductor plan...

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Former Apple employee convicted of money laundering, wire fraud

Former Apple employee Paul Devine pleaded guilty to 23 charges of wire fraud, conspiracy and money laundering following his arrest last August. Devine, a global supply manager, was accused of accepting kickbacks from six Asian suppliers. In return for cash and gifts, he supplied these suppliers w...

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Apple reportedly reduces iPad 2 production volume target

WIth an announcement of a second-generation iPad just around the corner, Digitimes is reporting that Apple's volume targets for the new device have been set lower. While both Apple and iPad manufacturer Foxconn are mum on the subject, Digitimes stated that the forecasted manufacturing run for the iP...

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Rumor: iPhone 5 to land in September

In a research note, analyst Craig Berger of FBR Capital markets makes the bold claim that the iPhone 5 will not launch until September, a timing that overlaps with Apple's annual iPod refresh. Berger writes, "we think a September launch is more likely, off from Apple's traditional iPhone launch sc...

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Apple issues report on supplier workplace audits and standards

Over the past several years, reports about alleged mistreatment of contract workers building Apple devices at plants throughout Asia have been rampant. Apple has not taken these reports lightly, and today the company issued a new report on supplier responsibility that outlines the efforts that have ...

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Apple's iPad strategy: Cutting off competitors, or just learning their lesson?

Falling into the "no, duh" category, Business Insider, citing a 9to5 Mac article, says that the main reason the forthcoming iPad 2 will undercut the emerging plethora of Android-powered tablets is because Apple has already cornered the market on manufacturers and has enlisted more to produce the ta...

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Apple responds to critics of Chinese working conditions

Apple has reiterated company policy regarding the use of Chinese component suppliers and said it is "committed to ensuring the highest standards of social responsibility throughout our supply base," according to Apple spokeswoman Carolyn Wu quoted in Macworld today. The company says it requires all ...

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Rumor: Apple working on parts for iPad 2

Here's a fun rumor to give you something to dream about this weekend. Digitimes is reporting that Apple is on the hunt for parts for the iPad 2. The company is reportedly in the validation stage with a few suppliers for touch-based displays and reinforced glass, prepping production on a second gene...

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Apple orders enough parts to make 3 million iPhone 4s per month

According to DigiTimes, Apple has been ordering VGA lens kits (for use with the new front-facing camera on the iPhone 4) from supplier Asia Optical (AO) since May, to the tune 3 million (on average) per month. This is great news for AO, of course. If the current rate continues, they expect to get ou...

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iPad suppliers forecast shipments of 8 - 10 million for calendar year 2010

Analyst Katy Huberty at Morgan Stanley has published a research note forecasting shipments of 8 - 10 million iPads during calendar year 2010. That's significantly more than previous estimates, which showed shipments of about 5 million devices. The note, as reported in a WSJ All Things Digital post, ...

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TUAW Fact Check: Apple using underage labor? No.

When a lot of people get their news electronically, skimming over headlines through news aggregators, RSS feeds, and retweets on Twitter, sometimes the majority of information people will get from an article comes from the headline. When a headline leans towards the sensational side, or doesn't...

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Rumor: Tablet set for Q2 launch, manufacturers ramp up

More from the rumor mill: It appears that suppliers for Apple have already begun shipping touchscreen panels and will begin shipping aluminum casings for the much-anticipated-but-unannounced Apple "tablet" next month. This, according to Reuters, implies a Q2 product launch, right in line with what o...

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