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WiebeTech Drive eRazer Ultra provides super-secure drive wiping

For Mac repair shops, enterprise tech support teams, and consultants who need to wipe all data off of hard drives before selling or recycling old Macs, there's now a fast way to erase those drives without tying up a machine for a long time. WiebeTech has a new device called the Drive eRazer Ultra ...

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Apple sends takedown notice about customer support email

If you've ever corresponded with Apple Support (or any major customer support outlet, really), you might have seen that little notice at the bottom of the email that says any conversation included "may be privileged and may contain confidential information." Most of the time, that's just a weak mo...

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Apple publishes iTunes U support pages

Another piece of the Apple education puzzle has fallen into place. The company has published a set of special iTunes U support web pages to help with questions from users of the new iTunes U app, from teachers who are using the iTunes U Course Manager, and from administrators who use the iTunes U ...

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Call of Duty Elite mobile apps for iOS out today

Activision has announced that its Call of Duty Elite mobile apps are arriving on iOS today -- they should be available for download from the App Store before long. The apps do require you to be registered to the Elite service (which works in conjunction to track all of your stats from the extre...

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TUAW Help Line: holiday gift questions & answers

The goose is cooked, the cookies crumbled, the wrapping paper thrown away and the relatives released to their neutral corners. Finally, you can get down to the post-holiday fun of setting up your new iPad, or transferring your data from your old PC to your new Mac! Unfortunately, the end of a l...

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Holiday Gift Guide: iPad apps & accessories for business

From one-person shops to giant enterprises, if businesses agree on anything right now it's "iPad Yay." The Apple tablet hasn't even reached the terrible twos yet, but it's clearly making its presence felt across countless verticals and different industries. For at least a couple of mobile profe...

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Apple sweeps PCWorld satisfaction survey

Despite the occasional report of issues with new models, most Macs tend to be quite reliable. Most Mac users intuitively feel that they're getting a quality machine for their money, and now the PCWorld 2011 Reliability and Service Survey validates that feeling. Apple desktop computers (iMac, ...

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Apple addresses Lion server issues with new technotes

If you run Lion server and have problems with podcast streaming or want to view local volumes on your server, you'll want to read two new technotes on Apple's support site. Spotted by MacNN, they will tell you how to setup https to serve up podcasts and how you can tweak your settings to view a m...

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Tech support for iPhone is cheaper than BlackBerry, Android

Research into IT administration has already shown that Macs are cheaper to manage than PCs. According to analytics firm ClickFox, the same is true of the iPhone versus its competitors. InfoWorld reports that ClickFox found the iPhone requires far less tech support from the carriers than phones ...

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Survey: Apple's lead in tech support satisfaction is slipping

According to a survey [PDF] of over 4,000 customers, satisfaction with Apple's phone-based support is slipping, while other computer manufacturers like HP are gaining. Apple is still the undisputed leader with 58% of Apple customers saying they were "Very Satisfied" with their experience. Though ...

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Wyse PocketCloud aims to get your desktop anywhere you are

If the name Wyse sounds familiar, it's probably because the company has been doing remote access since the days of acoustic couplers and 300-baud modems. Founded in 1981, it has evolved from its early days of creating 'dumb terminals' to become an industry leader in virtual desktops, giving users ...

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Apple updates support page with more "tap-friendly" layout

Apple's support web page has been re-designed with several large, easily-clicked and tapped areas, less text and a more product-centered focus. Here's a brief look at what's new. The most obvious change is the page's layout. The text-heavy sidebars are gone from the main page, as is the "All Pro...

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Gameloft's Order and Chaos MMO for iOS makes $1M in 20 days

Some people might have chuckled at the resemblance of Gameloft's Order and Chaos Online to the popular World of Warcraft. It's actually a near clone of the very popular Blizzard Entertainment title, squeezed down into the iPhone. But it turns out Gameloft will be the one who laughs last. The ga...

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Possible fix for font issues in 10.6.7

Late last month, a troubling font issue came to light after Apple rolled out version 10.6.7 of Mac OS X. The update appeared to cause problems with the printing and PDF handling of OpenType PostScript fonts. Apple has not officially acknowledged the problem, but a growing thread on Apple's disc...

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Apple revamps/rebrands discussion forums as Apple Support Communities

Throughout the day we've had a number of readers contact us to say the Apple Discussion Forums were down. Now we know why. Apple has just launched Apple Support Communities, a revamped discussion forum with the focus on allowing Mac and iOS users to find answers to their questions quickly and e...

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