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Swipe captions across your iOS images with Swipe

Yesterday, a surprising little app crossed my desk. Swipe for iPhone and iPad (US$1.99, universal) enables you to add text and captions to your iOS photos by swiping your finger across any photo. For two bucks, it's a great idea and a nice app to do something different and useful. It offers a p...

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Daily iPad App: Say Anything lets you get somebody's attention without saying a thing

Sometimes you need to get a person's attention without saying a word. You can wave your hand wildly at them, but all that vigorous movement may scare them away. A better way to get someone's attention is to pull out your iPad and fire up a banner app like Say Anything from Appy Inc. Say Any...

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CSS trick mimics sideways-flicking behavior in MobileSafari

Ajaxian has posted a ridiculously simple way to enable web apps to mimic the iPhone's side-to-side flicking behavior using custom CSS supported by MobileSafari. If you're creating a web app specifically for iPhone and iPod touch users, you can get a similar feel to a native application with MobileS...

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