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Witch - bring Windows app switching to Mac OS X

The way that applications, windows and our OS behave is a subject of much debate. Toss some life-long switchers into the mix and boy-howdy, you got yourself the nerd version of a bar fight. One of these much debated behaviors between Mac OS X and Windows is how to handle switching between applicat...

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Pete Wright: "My Microsoft career is now officially over"

Coming to the rescue once again, digg's users have highlighted a fairly prominent Windows coder's testimony of a switch to Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux. Pete Wright, a (former) Windows developer who made Microsoft's 'influencer' lists by working for such clients as American Express and Enron, has said...

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Leo Laporte might go 100% Mac: "So long Suckah"

Leo Laporte, podcaster extraordinare and the web's general tech-guru-on-steroids, has blogged that the Soundbooth beta Adobe announced today just might let him jump ship to the Mac entirely. Since the first days of his podcasting adventures, Leo's been using Adobe's Audition for all his podcast reco...

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Editorial: Behind the MacBook "Hack"

The web has been on fire the past few days with news of a presentation given at the BlackHat computer security conference featuring the compromising a MacBook Pro by executing very low-level code on the drivers of a wireless card. Whether or not the exploit presented actually counts as hacking of a...

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USA Today moron: "Boot Camp to cause exodus to Windows"

Andrew Kantor has posted a pretty darn funny piece of satire at USA Today based on the idea that Boot Camp is actually going to cause Mac users to switch over to Windows (ok, maybe it isn't 'satire.' Maybe it's 'saying anything he can for page views'). I have to hand it to Andrew - if this article w...

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BeLight announces winners of switcher contest

As you may remember, BeLight software recently posed the question to the Mac faithful: How would you convince a PC user to switch? They held a contest to find the best answer, and today they've revealed the winners. I thought the best advice came from Wesley D. Radcliffe, a contestant who said, &qu...

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Drag and drop calendar items from Entourage to iCal

I don't know how long this secret affair has been going on, but apparently MacOSXHints caught a calendar event from Entourage sneaking over to iCal! Mmhm, that's right. Allegedly, it's possible to drag and drop *gasp!* a calendar event from Entourage right onto the iCal window. While it sounds like ...

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Blogging the switch to Mac OS X

I found another one of those 'switcher blogs' and I thought it might make an interesting read for both Mac newbies and power users. I honestly can't find any information on the author, but My Journey to Macintosh provides up some interesting switcher experiences, such as loading up Firefox just bec...

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How would you convince a PC user to switch?

We've all tried to fill this role at some point in our lives. Sometimes we get the job done, and other times, well...Dell is still in business, aren't they? BeLight Software wants to celebrate Apple's upcoming anniversary by bringing a few more sheep into the fold. Describe to them whatever success...

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Dvorak off his meds: claims Apple switching to Windows

Someone. Please. Help Dvorak find his meds. He's lost them again, resulting in yet another shock-value crackpot theory article that I chose not to link to on general principle. This time around, Dvorak has once again put inaccurate facts on the table and drudged up baseless speculation that Apple co...

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TUAW Tip: you can rotate windows, too

For today's TUAW Tip, I thought I'd build on Scott's tip yesterday (concerning the Application Switcher) with a simple tip about cycling windows, not applications. Many of us know (or will soon) that using cmd - tab will switch between applications, but plenty of users still haven't discovered the w...

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Which Mac are you?

Since Apple flipped (off) the Switch campaign, we're all waiting to see what, when and if there will be a new television ad series that features something other than the iPod.The new Switch page on Apple's website gives us a clue. Apple is "counting the ways" you'll love your new Mac, boas...

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Apple pulls plug on new "Switch" ads?

Think Secret is reporting that Apple has cancelled the newest Errol Morris-directed Switch ads that were scheduled to appear in an upcoming advertising campaign. The new Switch blitz, according to the report, was intended to emphasize the iPod's "halo effect," and would have featured peop...

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Ellen Feiss makes CNET's list of Top 10 Web Fads

Ellen Feiss, best only known as the breakout star of Apple's 2002 "Switch" campaign, has made the Editor's list of the Top 10 Web fads to date.CNET says: "It's possible that Apple's 'switcher' campaign would have become a cult hit (or at least, a target of parody) all on its own. But ...

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Belkin Flip for Mac mini

Part of the fun of owning an Apple product is buying some accessories to go with it. The iPod is easily the accesory leader, but I imagine we'll see more and more for the Mac mini as time goes on. Today I discovered the Flip by Belkin. Basically, it's a small peripheral that sits underneath the mini...

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