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Switcher side-by-side video training

With Mother's Day coming up, the perfect gift for your 'switcher mom' might be personal lessons in the Macintosh way. Don't have that kind of time? Mmm-hmm. Really. You never call, you never write.. Well, if you're looking for something more wrappable than a bookmark for Apple's Switch 101 support p...

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Making the switch: App for app

Now that new Macs will run Windows beautifully, people are considering Macs who haven't before (I've seen it myself around the office). They may install Windows, but I'm sure that once they play around in the Mac OS for a while, they won't all go back. Being Mac newbies, however, these users may no...

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TUAW Tip: switch to the Mac on the cheap

The word that there might be as many as 9000 switchers a day got us thinking: maybe all those switchers could use some tips on how to save a few bucks while hopping the fence to white, black and aluminum pastures. Sure, Apple typically doesn't offer much in the way of excitement when it comes to za...

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On drinking the Apple KoolAid

WFAA has posted an article about the fundamental dualities of the world: Ford vs. Chevy. Coke vs. Pepsi. Mac vs Windows. It's not a very deep article or a long-one, but several quotes (particularly those from WFAA's online operations manager--and Mac aficionado--Doug Boehner) made me laugh out loud....

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"The truth about switching" to the Mac

A man named Bill Westerman has penned a very down-to-earth article listing some of the ups and downs of switching to the Mac. Following a long line of switchers, Bill pens a nice mix of typical and not-so-typical scenarios, reactions and thoughts on the experience that I haven't seen capture quite a...

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Witch - bring Windows app switching to Mac OS X

The way that applications, windows and our OS behave is a subject of much debate. Toss some life-long switchers into the mix and boy-howdy, you got yourself the nerd version of a bar fight. One of these much debated behaviors between Mac OS X and Windows is how to handle switching between applicat...

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Macenstein tracks down switcher Ellen Feiss

Remember Ellen Feiss? She because famous in 2002 at the tender age of 14 for her Apple Switcher commercial, in which she talked about how her dad's computer had devoured her homework. Bummer, that. A controversy arose about whether or not Feiss was a stoner, and whether she was under the influence ...

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New UK Get A Mac ads

Several TUAW readers have written in to let us know that the UK just debuted its own "Get a Mac" adverts, starring Peep Show comedy act Mitchell and Webb as Mac and PC. After the US and Japanese offerings, these UK ads have a distinctly British feel to them. Some videos will feel familiar and ar...

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Pete Wright: "My Microsoft career is now officially over"

Coming to the rescue once again, digg's users have highlighted a fairly prominent Windows coder's testimony of a switch to Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux. Pete Wright, a (former) Windows developer who made Microsoft's 'influencer' lists by working for such clients as American Express and Enron, has said...

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PC Mag VIP posts switcher tips

There are switchers, and then there are Switchers. Robyn Peterson, executive product director/executive producer at Ziff Davis, is a capital-S-Switcher; when the guy who's responsible for PCMag.com jumps the tracks to a Mac, there's a serious movement afoot. Peterson has his rationale for the switch...

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Ten things all switchers should know

Judging from the fact that this entry has 104 comments as I type this (more then you read it, no doubt) chances are that you have read Scott Moschella's Ten things all switchers should know. If you haven't, you really should because not only is it useful, it is entertaining. One thing I would like t...

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