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Seen at SXSW: rejected app Holopic

There's nothing offensive about Holopic. It's a rather ingenious app that (according to the developer) uses just a couple of pictures to create a sort of lenticular lens pseudo-3D effect. That is, when you tilt the image you can see other angles in the image, like 3D, but it isn't true 3D. Unfortu...

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TUAW @SXSW: Christina talks to Guy Kawasaki

Former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki was at SXSW Interactive this week and I had the chance to catch-up with him and talk about the announcement of My.Alltop, a customizable version of Alltop.com. Alltop is a really good way to quickly catch up on a lot of news about a specific topic. NetNewsWire i...

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Foursquare tries the Dodgeball concept again on the iPhone

We're right in the middle of convention season and as I noted last night on the Talkcast, I'm here in Chicago (at least the weather's nice) instead of down in Austin with the rest of the gang. But there is a little consolation: I've had a chance to try out SXSW's newest software darling, Foursquare....

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Found Footage: Kevin Rose on iPhone 3.0 features

Here's a short video from SXSW with DiggNation hosts Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose, where Rose goes through a laundry list of iPhone 3.0 features that will allegedly be announced tomorrow during the Apple Press Event. This video sounds rather alcohol-fueled -- at least it appears that the audienc...

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TUAW @SXSW: The iPhone Gaming Panel

Panels at SXSW range from touchy-feely to nuts-and-bolts. This panel was the latter. The panelists came armed with data and didn't pull punches when it came to criticism of the store or other apps.The panelists: Stephanie Morgan from ngmoco, Danielle Cassley from Aurora Feint, Raven Zachary (moderat...

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How a MacBook Air baffled airport security

Alternate title: The MacBook Air is a device, but it's not a "Device." Programmer Michael Nygard is used to travel. He's got the process down, from airport to hotel. Unfortunately, the TSA isn't as prepared. While passing through airport security recently, he was pulled aside and made to sit in the...

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