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Kindle Fire transforms into a Mac Plus and Newton MessagePad

Last year when the Amazon Kindle Fire first hit the market, I bought one for US$199 to do research for a book. Since the book was published, I haven't touched the Fire at all -- until now. Based on a story I posted the other day about running an old version of the Mac OS on a Nook Simple Touch,...

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Ask TUAW: Connecting to a System 7 Mac, video management software, Apple's Up-to-Date program and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly Mac troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we've got questions about Apple Up-to-Date program, non-black LCD monitors, video management software, connecting to an old PowerMac 7200 to salvage files, and more. As always, your suggestions and questions are we...

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Retro Mac themes for RapidWeaver

It would seem that today is retro theme day on TUAW, at least for me that is. Jordan saw my last post about the System 6 theme for Wordpress and he let me know about his retro themes for RapidWeaver. You can pick from System 7, System 8 (my first Mac ran 8.6, ahh the memories), or even Be (which is...

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Make your Mac sound retro

Sure, all these new Macs are great, but sometimes you just want your Mac to sound like System Seven. Luckily, Uneasysilence has heard your pleas and has made several 'retro' Mac alert sounds available on his blog. Wild Eep, Sosumi, ChuToy, Submarine (which is my favorite)... they are all there! Go ...

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System 7 web simulation

The WebSE is pure genius. This little Flash application simulates System 7, so you can take a trip down Mac memory lane no matter what OS your iMac is booted into. It even has AfterDark on it! I love the Internet. ...

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The Computer Chronicles on System 7

You read the title of this post correctly. Thanks to the Internet Archive we can watch this episode of PBS's 'Computer Chronicles' which showcases the two hottest OS releases of 1991: System 7 for the Mac and something called PC DOS 5.0.It is great to watch this show from 14 years ago and marvel at...

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