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Mac 101: Remove unwanted System Preference panes

Sometimes applications can install extras in the form of System Preference panes. However, when you remove the app from your Mac, you might be left with extraneous System Preference panes. To uninstall System Preference panes, just right-click (or control + click if you have a one button mouse) ...

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Mac 101: System Preferences

This is another entry in our continuing Mac 101 series, aimed at new Mac users. These tips are old hat for veteran Mac users, but will save some people a lot of grief. I know several people who have switched from Windows to the Mac over the past year. While they're happy with their decision, they a...

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New screenshots of Snow Leopard appear, show desktop web apps

A German site, has posted screenshots of the forthcoming version of Mac OS X, 10.6 (a.k.a "Snow Leopard"). Most of the screenshots show off the Safari 4 developer preview that will include the "Save as Web Application" option in the File menu. The website also shows off the next vers...

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System Preference changes, new Preview toolbar in latest Leopard build

The latest Leopard build has dropped, and screenshots, legal or otherwise, are making their way out into the world. Over the weekend, we posted what looks like the opening movie, and here's a shot of Leopard's System Preferences screen. There are a few changes in there-- the Dashboard and Expos&eacu...

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Use (almost) Leopard's SysPref icon

If you're at all like me, you didn't wait for too long after the last Stevenote to scour the Internet for that "blades of grass" Leopard wallpaper, just so you too could pretend it was October already and you were using 10.5. Those of you out there (I have no idea how many of you there are-- we're a...

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TUAW Tip: Use ambient noise reduction for chats and sound recording

I do a decent amount of audio recording and chatting, but I don't ever remember seeing this option in System Preferences until last night. Turning on the "Use ambient noise reduction" feature under the Input tab of the Sound pane can help cut out the TV or dogs barking in the background, though i...

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Afloat - window floating and transparency at the stroke of a key

Afloat is a killer System Preferences utility that adds a 'float on top' option and customizable transparency settings to virtually any Cocoa app in Mac OS X. Once installed (and you restart any Cocoa apps that were running), new keyboard shortcuts and a couple of options under the Window menu will...

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.Mac syncing UI silliness

Today's "what were you thinking, Apple?" is brought to you by the .Mac System Preference pane, iSync and that "Sync Services wants to sync more than X% of your items" popup window. In case you can't figure out the silliness that is the image I've included with this post (and I d...

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