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delicious2safari goes Universal

C.K. blogged delicious2safari what feels like a year ago, and not much has changed since. It still allows you to import your del.icio.us bookmarks into Safari as either a flat list or in folders according to your tags, except now it has gone the way of the Universal Binary. delicious2safari is freew...

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Quicksilver scripts for tagging iTunes songs, creating playlists

A MacOSXHints reader has put together an interesting set of Quicksilver scripts that will allow you to both easily tag your iTunes music as it is playing, and create on-the-fly playlists based on these tags. The way they work is simple: while music is playing in iTunes, you can use Quicksilver's tex...

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Automated labels the mac geek way

Tagging is all the rage now adays. Web 2.0 companies have risen and fallen over tagging. People love it so much that some folks would like to tag files in the Finder so that they can leverage Spotlight%uFFFD for their own purposes. However, wouldn't it be cool if you could automatically 'tag' files?...

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