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Join us for a spooky TUAW Talkcast tonight at 10 PM ET / 7 PM PT

While the little Trick or Treaters are out pounding the streets tonight in search of candy and mischief, we'll be scaring you another way -- with the TUAW Talkcast! Remember that you can also listen to past episodes on Talkshoe or subscribe to the Talkcast podcast in iTunes. Why do I think it will ...

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TUAW Talkcast tonight: 10:00:10pm EDT on 10-10-10

It's a very digital day today, so we're celebrating by starting the TUAW Talkcast 10 seconds later than normal to capture the true silliness of being fixated on digits. The past week was pretty fascinating: our very own Mike Schramm was bringing us loads of Apple gaming news from GDC Online 2010 ...

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Talkcast Tonight: Join us at 10pm ET to talk Blu-ray, new apps, and Stevemails

It's Sunday, which means it's time once again to get ourselves into a TalkShoe chatroom, and have a lively talk about what's been up during the last week of Apple news. Tonight on the show, we'll be talking about Microsoft's stance with Apple on Blu-ray, the arrival of VLC and Google Voice on the Ap...

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Tonight's TUAW Talkcast: Back to school and an iPod announcement preview

Sunday night is the funnest night of the week, when you can join the TUAW staff for an hour or so of live banter about what's happened in the Apple world in the previous week. This week, we'll also be chatting about the mystery Apple press conference on Wednesday, which probably isn't too much of a ...

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TUAW Talkcast tonight at 10 PM ET - Let's all sing The iPhone 4 Antenna Song

It's the second day after the Apple press event, and there's still a lot of buzz in the air about the press conference and its outcome. While we'll probably skip on singing The iPhone 4 Antenna Song for you tonight, we'll have plenty to talk about on tonight's episode of the TUAW Talkcast. As usu...

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Talkcast tonight: Free Slurpee Edition

That's right kids, today's date is 7-11, and you know what that means. So cool off with a shovel ended straw and come chat with me this evening at 4pm Hawaiian/7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern time. We'll talk about Apple Store openings, Mac sales figures, and as usual, a theory or two from my very own Hous...

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If you're not watching fireworks, join us for the TUAW Talkcast

Many TUAW readers may not be either setting off fireworks or watching someone else blow up colorful pyrotechnics, so we've decided to host a special holiday edition of the TUAW Talkcast tonight. The fun will begin at 10 PM ET, and we're sure there will be some verbal fireworks tonight as the debate ...

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Join the TUAW team for a post-keynote Talkcast tonight at 10 PM EDT

If you were one of the crowd who listened to the TUAW Talkcast this past Sunday evening, you'll remember that we promised to do a post-WWDC 2010 keynote Talkcast. It was supposed to happen Monday night, but we had all collapsed after the stress of churning out streams of news for our readers all day...

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TUAW Talkcast: the WWDC 2010 preview show

When we're not being taken in by fake iPhone advertisements, we're preparing for our coverage of WWDC 2010. Tonight we'll be hosting our usual Sunday night TUAW Talkcast, starting at 10 PM EDT. If you've never joined the Talkcast, it's a wild hour (sometimes more, if we decide to have an after show)...

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Coming up at 1 PM EDT: A special TUAW Talkcast with Dave Howell

Please join us today at 1PM Eastern Daylight Time for a live TalkShoe audio chat with Avatron Software CEO, Dave Howell. Avatron is the maker of "Air Sharing" for the new iPad. Air Sharing, which has been around for some time on the iPhone and iPod touch, is one of the best selling file viewing and ...

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Upcoming: Join us for a live Air Sharing for iPad interview

Please join us on Tuesday at 1PM Eastern Daylight Time for a live TalkShoe audio chat with Avatron Software CEO, Dave Howell. Avatron is the maker of "Air Sharing" for the new iPad. Air Sharing, which has been around for some time on the iPhone and iPod touch, is one of the best selling file viewing...

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TUAW Talkcast live tonight at 10pm Eastern

Sunday night means it's time once again for a TUAW talkcast, in which your favorite TUAW bloggers and readers all get together over on Talkshoe and chat out the biggest Apple happenings of the past week. This week, we'll be talking about that mystery key on the iPad keyboard and what it might be for...

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Join us for a TUAW Talkcast tonight at 10pm Eastern

Our talkcast returns to the virtual airwaves this evening as usual, bringing your chance to get in on the discussion with us. This week's topic? Obviously, the iPad will be front and center as we discuss and digest what Apple's new device means for the world (and whether it's underwhelming or overpo...

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Join us for a Tablet talkcast this evening at 5:30pm Eastern

Everyone's currently engaged with the fervor over the pending announcement, but once the dust settles, there'll be lots and lots of opinions to be shared and "will you/won't you buy it" conversations to be had. That's what our talkcast is for! This evening at 5:30pm Eastern, we invite you to join us...

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Talkcast this evening at 10pm EST: Best of the year

Our weekly talkcast (so called because you yourself can call in and talk with us live) is back on the virtual airwaves again this evening at 10pm Eastern, and the topic of the day is the topic of the year: we'll take a look at our top posts of 2009, from all the news surrounding last year's WWDC to...

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