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Daily Update for November 21, 2011

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player...

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Target, Best Buy post Black Friday deals: $195 iPod touch with gift card rebate (Updated)

Shopping season is here, with a vengeance. The circulars and sales sheets are popping up like discounted weeds, and while most Apple products aren't eligible for steep discounts at retail, the big chains do find a way to make it worth your while. US retail giant Target has posted its two-day...

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Radio Shack, Target cut iPhone 4 prices

Target and Radio Shack are dropping the price on the iPhone 4, in a move many believe is a stock clearing measure to make room for the iPhone 5. Radio Shack is currently running a week-long promotion that drops the price of the 16 GB iPhone 4 to US$169 and the 32 GB iPhone 4 to $269. You can...

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FindOne for iOS helps you get your hands on an iPad 2

After being introduced to the US market on March 11, it's still not easy to get your hands on an iPad 2. D.L. Horton decided to do something about it, which lead to FindOne, a free iOS app that checks the online inventory of Target and Walmart to see what they have in stock. Depending upon your...

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Up to 20% of iPad owners expected to upgrade

Mike Abramsky, a technology analyst for RBC Capital Markets, predicts up to 20% of the original iPad's buyers will upgrade to the iPad 2 over the next 12 months. But Abramsky suggests the number of customers upgrading to iPad 2 will be eclipsed by buyers new to the platform. With over 15 million...

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Gene Munster: Don't expect long lines for iPad 2

Gene Munster, a senior research analyst for Piper Jaffray, expects the lines for Apple's iPad 2 to be shorter than they were for the original iPad in 2010. Even so, Munster predicts Apple will sell over 1 million of the hotly anticipated iPad 2 in its first 28 days on the market. When the...

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iPad 2: Where and when you can buy one

Photo courtesy of Engadget If you're in the market for an iPad 2, you'll have a wide range of locations in the United States where you can pick one up on Friday. You'll just need to wait until 5 PM local time to do so. At this time, we've received confirmation that the following locations...

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Best Buy, Sams Club and Wal-Mart to carry the iPad 2 at launch

When the iPad 2 makes its retail debut on March 11th, customers will have a variety of retail outlets from which to purchase Apple's latest generation tablet device. In addition to online and brick and mortar Apple Stores, the iPad 2 will also be available from Best Buy and possibly Wal-Mart...

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iBooks gift cards appear in Apple Stores and Target stores

iLounge reports that Apple has started to sell iBooks-branded iTunes Store gift cards in Apple Stores. I also saw the same gift cards for sale in my local Target store this morning. The gift cards come in US$25 and US$50 denominations and, like other iTunes gift cards, aren't limited to...

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Target will sell iPhone 4 and 3GS as of Nov. 7

Holiday shoppers in the U.S. looking to buy an iPhone will soon have another retail option, as Target will start carrying the iPhone 4 and 3GS as of November 7th. Actually, shoppers will have 846 more options, as that's how many Target stores cover the country. You'll find a kiosk in your store...

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It's official: iPad now the all-time fastest-selling gadget

For those of us who are Apple fanatics, we've had a feeling that the iPad was popular. Whether it's seeing the devices pop out all over the plane on an airline flight, or having to give hundreds of demos of the iPad on a cruise ship, it's apparent that Apple's tablet is still a hot item. Now it's...

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iPad already showing up on Walmart shelves

The retail range of the iPad has expanded dramatically over the past few weeks, with Target now carrying them and Best Buy expanding sales to all stores (instead of the original footprint that only included stores with Apple specialists). Rumors of the Big Kahuna, however, have occupied the minds of...

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Is Walmart the next iPad retailer?

Now that the iPad is officially available at Target (a discount department store here in the US), attention has turned to a suggestion that Walmart will carry the device before the year's end. Back in May, Walmart's senior VP of entertainment for US stores, Gary Severson, told Blooomberg that he...

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Target begins iPad sales today

October is here, and that means playoff baseball, turning leaves, Halloween pop-up shops -- and new iPad retail outlets. As we noted earlier, Target stores were targeted (ahem) to have the magical and revolutionary gadget on shelves this month; sales begin today. The iPads are only available...

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Confirmed: iPads in Target this October

The rumor is true: Target will begin selling the iPad in October. Reuters is reporting today that the official release date will be October 2nd, and Target will have all six models. The launch will make Target the fourth vendor to sell iPads in the US, along with Best Buy, Micro Center, and...

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