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OmniFocus for iPhone finally has reminders, but implementation is awful

[Update] Ken Case comments below, addressing some of the concerns listed here. It looks like a future version of OmniFocus on the Mac will be able to directly update the OmniFocus reminders on the server, removing at least one of my complaints. Ken Case from The Omni Group has been twittering for a...

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OmniFocus 1.6 checks off bugs and adds new features

The Omni Group just released OmniFocus 1.6, and it's a big, big update. Current users are going to be pleased, even if they don't bother to page through the extensive list of new features and fixes in the release notes. I've never said anything to the contrary, but this is proof that Omni is listeni...

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Done goes live, Chillix announces winners

Done, the $0.99US iPhone task list manager we mentioned a little while back, is now live in the App Store. It's pretty slick, and falls right in the middle between a simple task list and a robust task management application like Things or OmniFocus. We hosted a contest in that last post, passing on ...

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TimeXchange offers a time-tracking API

TimeXchange is a relatively new addition to the pile of available online time-tracking applications. Its current incarnation on the web is pretty standard, covering bases like multiple time entry, report and invoice creation, and Quickbooks integration. The developers have been fielding a lot of fea...

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The Hit List enters public beta

A few weeks ago, Brett wrote about his first impressions with The Hit List from Potion Factory, a task management application that goes toe to toe with OmniFocus and Things. He was extremely impressed with what the release, then just entering private beta, offered. "We haven't seen a lot of waves in...

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Chilli X seeks the savage wit of TUAW readers

iPhone developers Chilli X are looking for a little help with the App Store promo materials for their new ToDo list app, Done. First, though, a little bit about Done. You're probably thinking, "there are too many task lists available for the iPhone, and they all do the same thing." You'll get no arg...

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Things 1.0rc now available

Cultured Code has issued the 1.0 release candidate for Things, its popular GTD application, a little more than a week ahead of its official launch on January 6. Things 1.0rc has a huge list of changes including new icons, the ability to reorder to-dos in the Today list across project and area bounda...

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The Hit List takes aim at OmniFocus and Things

The Hit List, from the Potion Factory, is a new task management application set to go head-to-head with Things and OmniFocus. We haven't seen a lot of waves in the advanced, visually polished task manager wars lately, but this one is going to storm the gates. I tend to get overexcited about new prod...

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Friday Favorite: Curio

I've been looking for a project management solution for a long, long time. I've tried everything from homemade systems -- based on folders and Spotlight tagging -- to attempting to bend applications such as Bento to do what I really want: collect my notes, work-in-progress files, communications and ...

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TaskPaper 2.0: serious task list mojo

TaskPaper, a list management application from the author of WriteRoom, was recently updated to version 2.0. Back at version 1.0, it was an instant favorite among some TUAW bloggers. Beyond simple list management, it's really a very full-featured task manager which revolves around the idea of utter s...

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Things (finally) adds global search

Things, one of the top contenders in the Mac GTD application lineup, has updated to 0.9.6 on their way to a planned 1.0 release at the Macworld Expo. The update includes some interface polish, but the biggest news is the addition of global search. It's been one of the most requested features, and I'...

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ActionGear, simple yet powerful task management

ActionGear has been out for a while, but I think it deserves a mention as a potentially great task-management app, falling somewhere between iCal or a bare bones outliner such as TaskPaper, and the robust end of the scale where Things and OmniFocus are duking it out. Within ActionGear's simple inte...

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Tasks in the cloud: VITO Technology's Task2Gather

Another big PDA developer has made the jump to iPhone, with longtime Windows Mobile developer VITO Technology announcing their first product for the Apple platform -- Task2Gather. It's a task manager with a difference. Task2Gather stores all of your tasks "in the cloud", where they're not only acces...

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