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Talkcast tonight: Profits, taxes and WWDC at 10 pm ET / 7 pm PT

Another quarter, another blowout. While analysts and pundits imagined that domestic iPhone sales would signal an end to the gravy train, international demand pushed the handset past the 35 million mark and shot AAPL back above the $600 line. Even with the iPad refresh hitting at the end of the qu...

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Apple makes a tax deal for Prineville, Oregon data center land

We've heard before that Apple plans to build a data center on land it previously purchased in Oregon, but now the Associated Press reports on part of the cost. The company has reportedly agreed to pay US$150,000 per year to local governments, and has signed off on at least 35 jobs. Those jobs w...

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Is Apple avoiding taxes in the UK?

The Daily Mail is reporting that Apple only paid £10 million in UK corporation tax for the last fiscal year, even though the country earned £6 billion in the UK. The paper has also accused Amazon and Google of UK tax avoidance as well. The report also discusses Apple's operations in...

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Five apps to help you file your taxes (updated)

With only a few weeks before taxes are due -- the federal deadline is on April 17, and many states have followed suit -- plenty of Americans are scrambling to file before the clock ticks away. We've gone and found five apps that will help you make Tax Day, and waiting for that refund, a bit eas...

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Brazil gives tax exemption to Foxconn, iPad production may follow

Not very long after Tim Cook said that Apple sees a "huge opportunity" in Brazil, it turns out the company's CEO may have had more than sales on his mind. Brazil has granted iPad assembler Foxconn special exemptions from Brazilian excise and other taxes, clearing the way for iPad production to beg...

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5 iOS apps for Tax Day

With roughly a week to go before taxes are due -- the federal deadline is on April 18, and many states have followed suit -- plenty of Americans are scrambling to file before the clock ticks away. We've gone and found five apps that will help you make Tax Day, and waiting for that refund, a bit...

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TurboTax for iPad just in time for tax season

You may not have thought that doing taxes on your iPad was an option, but turns out it is. TurboTax has released what seems to be a full version of its tax software for the iPad, available on the App Store right now (the app is actually called 2010, but that's because it's for your 2010 taxes, ...

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Apple, others lobby for tax holiday

Fortune is reporting that Apple is one of many major multinational corporations that are banding together to lobby the US government for a one-year "tax holiday" on foreign cash that is repatriated back to the country. At the present time, repatriated cash is taxed at a 35 percent rate. The compani...

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TUAW Poll: What Apple product are you going to buy with your tax refund?

Happy Tax Day! It's April 15th, and in America, that means that the air is filled with the sound of screaming taxpayers who waited until the last moment to file their returns. For those who may have filed early and might have even received a tax refund check, we offer this distraction to cover u...

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Apple store in Brazil? Jobs says no

Rio de Janeiro may have picked up the 2016 Olympics, but they won't be getting an Apple store. According to MacMagazine Brazil, the city's Secretary of Heritage emailed Steve Jobs personally to ask if there were any plans to start up an Apple store in the city. Jobs replied back in the negative, cit...

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SnapTax allows you to do your taxes on your iPhone

It's a new year, which means that in a few months, taxes will come due yet again. So why not get a head start on them with your iPhone -- there is, it turns out, an app for that. TurboTax has an app coming out called SnapTax that promises to make taxes easy. All you do is take a picture of your W2...

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Apple's North Carolina facility now moving towards reality

As noted last week, the lovely state of North Carolina has offered a healthy tax incentive to Apple for the construction and operation of a data center there. Now that the bill has become law -- creating $46 million in credits for Apple over the next 10 years -- Apple and the NC governor's office ha...

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Apple building server farm, secret lair in North Carolina

As Mike mentioned in the news roundup yesterday, word is going around that the corporate overlords at Apple are planning to build a massive server farm in the state of North Carolina within the next decade or so. How do we know? Because the company is working on getting a few nice tax breaks to go a...

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CA lawmakers want to tax iTunes downloads

The California Assembly, apparently facing an $8 billion deficit, has introduced a bill that would apply sales taxes to "media downloads," namely the music sales going through iTunes (which, as we've reported, is challenging even retailer giant Walmart for music sales numbers). But it seems as thoug...

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Do your taxes (US) with your Mac

Here's one for our readers in North America. As of this writing, you've got six days to pay your dues to Uncle Sam. You know how the saying goes, "There only two things you must do in this life: Die and pay your taxes." Since there's no avoiding it (unless you think prison sounds like fun), then you...

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