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Conan O'Brien on Apple's growing iPad lineup

Conan O'Brien is back again with another Apple parody, poking fun at Apple's growing lineup of iPads. He mocks Apple's talking head-style promotional videos that mix product shots with brief statements by Apple's designers and engineers. In the clip, Team Coco adds several models to accompany t...

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Conan's intern runs into iPhone 5 trouble

Conan O'Brien is back with yet another Apple-themed comedy sketch. He's made fun of Siri, the iPad's Retina display and now the iPhone 5. In this latest short, Conan gives us an exclusive look at the iPhone 5 in a presentation that is cut short by a surprise guest. You can watch the clip in the...

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Conan: Droll "Samsung response" to Apple claims of design theft

Thanks to a headsup from our friends over at Team Coco, we have a sneak peek at a fun clip from tonight's Conan O'Brien show. This is a video "released by a Samsung VP" showing how Samsung products are completely different from those made by Apple, proving the lawsuit is ridiculous. I can't wai...

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Conan O'Brien pokes fun at Siri

Siri is quickly becoming everyone's favorite personal assistant. It helps you navigate, sends messages on your behalf and provides quirky answers to life's most difficult questions like "Where do I hide a dead body?" Siri's capacity for juvenile amusement was not lost on Conan O'Brien who used ...

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iDea: A new Apple product courtesy of TeamCoco

With RIM promising that the BlackBerry PlayBook is going to be an "iPad killer" (yeah, right), what do the geniuses in Cupertino have in the queue to make everyone else play catch-up again? According to the highly authoritative tech news source TeamCoco, spearheaded by none other than Conan O'B...

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