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iFixit tears down a MacBook Pro with Retina display

It's the teardown that we've all been waiting for since Monday's WWDC keynote. iFixit got its hands on a new retina MacBook Pro and disassembled the lovely device for all of us to see. As expected, the teardown reveals a device that's extremely well-designed, but also difficult to repair. Fir...

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Apple II torn down, restored to glory

Todd Harrison got his hands on an old Apple II and meticulously restored the computer to working condition. He details the process in a lengthy blog post that covers everything from cleaning the external case to inspecting the layout of the logic board. It's more than just a simple tear-down,...

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The cost and construction of Apple's iPhone charger

Have you ever wondered exactly why Apple's tiny USB Power Adapter for the iPhone has such a large price tag? The diminutive cube costs US$29.00, while similar USB wall chargers are available from retailers like Monoprice for as little as $6. Ken Shirriff wondered the same thing, so he went all ...

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New Apple TV teardown reveals 8 GB Flash storage, 512 MB RAM

XBMC forum member aicjofs tore down his Apple TV while waiting for a jailbreak and discovered the unit has 512 MB of RAM and 8 GB of on-board storage. It also has a dual-core A5 processor identified as APL2498, which suggests it is a variant of the standard A5 found in the iPad 2. There's also ...

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iFixit tears down the third generation iPad (Updated)

iFixit got its hands on a third generation iPad as soon as it went on sale in Australia today. As they boasted on Twitter, "the first legit-purchased, legit-owned iPad 3 is now also the first legit-opened iPad... in the world." The iPad 2 and the iPad 3 have different displays and the teardow...

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iFixit tears down Apple's Thunderbolt display

iFixit has gone all destructo on Apple's new Thunderbolt display, and the gory details are now available over on their site. They ripped the beautiful monitor apart so you didn't have to, and inside they found the same display seen in the iMac Intel 27" from a couple of years ago, as well as a ...

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2011 Mac mini gets the iFixit teardown treatment

I love the iFixit site. They jump in where wimps like myself fear to tread, and give us the courage (and instructions) to pop open our Macs and see what's inside the Apple-logoed aluminum box. Yesterday we gave you the iFixit details of the new MacBook Air models, and now the site has lovingly ...

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New MacBook Air SSDs are replaceable

No sooner had the new MacBook Air models shown up in Apple Stores than the iFixit team grabbed one for dissection. The site always does a teardown of the latest in Apple technology for the benefit of repair technicians and for hobbyists who love to see what's inside their Macs. The 2011 13" Mac...

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Teardown reveals why Thunderbolt cable costs $50

When Apple debuted its Thunderbolt cable, I imagine a lot of people said the same thing I did: "Fifty bucks? For a cable?!" However, iFixit did a teardown on Apple's Thunderbolt cable and found that it's not just a length of copper wire with connectors at either end. It turns out the Thunderbol...

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The iPad dock disassembled by iLounge

Wondering what the guts of the new iPad 2 dock look like? iLounge dove into the nitty gritty, and it turns out that there were a few surprises, actually. While the docks may look like pieces of plastic (and indeed, at just around $30, they could be about that), iLounge figures that Apple puts t...

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iPad 2 teardown: GSM and CDMA differences

The screwdriver- and heat gun-happy bunch over at iFixit have been disassembling iPad 2s again, all in the interest of keeping radio (and other) nerds "droolingly-happy," as Engadget puts it. Their original teardown was of a humble (relative to other iPad 2s only) 16 GB Wi-Fi only model. Now ...

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Chipworks tears down Apple's A5 chip

Your inner (and outer) geek will thank you for checking out Chipworks' teardown of the A5 processor inside the iPad 2. Chipworks confirms that it is, in fact, made by Samsung and not by TSMC despite Apple's new deal with the latter. This may change in the future, however, especially if the A5...

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iFixit tears down the new 15-inch MacBook Pro, 2011 model

iFixit got its hands on a brand new 15-inch MacBook and tore the machine down to its Tri-wing screws and heat sinks. The latest generation machine shares a lot of similarities with its aluminum unibody predecessors including the same case design and a similar layout of internal components. Most...

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iFixit tears down the 11-inch MacBook Air

Less than a day after the new 11-inch MacBook Air hit shelves, iFixit's already dissected it. The repair site gave the new MacBook Air a repairability rating of 4/10, with 10 being easiest to repair. Two major obstacles face any user trying to do their own repairs on the MacBook Air. First, the scre...

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Tearing apart an old Apple TV just for the heck of it

My "love" for the original Apple TV is well-documented. I purchased a 40 GB model not long after the device hit the market, and found it not to my liking. I hated how I had to slowly sync everything to the device, it had little space to begin with (yeah, I know I should have just swapped out the HD ...

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