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Rumors hint Facebook is working on Android phone competitor (Updated)

Facebook is sending out press invitations to an April 4th event that'll involve Android. The company behind the world's largest social network is inviting journalists to "Come See Our New Home On Android." Details on the invitation are sparse, but sources for TechCrunch and others hint this eve...

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Apple is not buying Waze

You know how TechCrunch reported a few days ago that Apple is buying Waze to beef up its Maps app? Yeah, that's not happening. And it never was. As several other sites did, we reported on TechCrunch's news, too. But to be fair, our Steve Sande warned readers: "Neither Apple nor Waze has said ...

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New TechCrunch app combines the best of TechCrunch and CrunchBase

TechCrunch took its popular iPad app, shrunk it down and ported it to the iPhone. The essential research app for tech entrepreneurs shares the same features as the iPad version, but has a UI that's optimized for the iPhone's smaller screen. You can read breaking news stories, follow what top ...

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Shimi by Tovbot is a dancing robot iPod dock

As the world can't get enough robots to groove to music, Shimi Tovbot was demonstrated this week at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. Call me a purist, but I like my dancing robots to resemble soda cans, wear sunglasses and be completely clueless to my verbal commands. Of course, I'm kidding...

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Apple may acquire Italian digital audio editing software firm Redmatica

Speaking at the recent D10 conference, Tim Cook said Apple is still in the business of buying companies, but he doesn't want to announce these accusations acquisitions unless necessary. According to a recent Tech Crunch report, Italian startup Redmatica may be the target of one of these quiet b...

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The TechCrunch iPad app is slick and simple

If you're looking for an app-based TechCrunch experience on your iPad, here it is. The iPad app is a streamlined experience over the site in Safari, presenting a simple list of categories to choose from, and 3 basic feeds: the main river (which can be narrowed using those categories), trending ...

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Apple to acquire Chomp app search platform

Having an App Store means never having to say "Sorry, there's no app for that" -- or at least not very often. With the massive success of the iOS App Store, however, there's also a discoverability problem: how do you find the apps you need? Searching by name or keyword doesn't always help, and som...

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Apple pulls iPad from Amazon China

The iPad has apparently been pulled from sale on the Chinese version of Amazon, but apparently the reason wasn't because of some Amazon competition overseas, or even that recent lawsuit against Apple trying to stop the iPad from selling in that country. Nope -- apparently, it was Apple. Amazon's C...

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Apple sends takedown notice about customer support email

If you've ever corresponded with Apple Support (or any major customer support outlet, really), you might have seen that little notice at the bottom of the email that says any conversation included "may be privileged and may contain confidential information." Most of the time, that's just a weak mo...

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Rumor: New Apple TV on the way, suggests TechCrunch

Our sister blog TechCrunch just posted a rumor suggesting that the current Apple TV might be replaced with a newer model in the very near future. As Matt Burns at TechCrunch reports, Amazon and Best Buy are now selling the second-generation Apple TV for $89, one full Hamilton less than the MS...

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Woz praises the iPhone 4S on TCTV

Steve Wozniak is first in line for the iPhone 4S at the Apple store in Los Gatos, California and TechCrunch caught up with the Apple co-founder to conduct a quick interview. TechCrunch asked him the one question everyone wants to know - why does he wait in line when he could get one shipped to ...

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Facebook for iPad out now

TechCrunch and a few other sites are posting that the Facebook iPad app has finally arrived on the App Store. I don't quite see it on the store yet, but the news has apparently dropped according to a schedule run by Facebook itself, so the app should follow soon. The app looks ... about like yo...

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Hidden Facebook app for iPad no longer working for many

Early yesterday morning we told you that TechCrunch had found Facebook's much-awaited iPad app inside the code of its iPhone app. Not only did TechCrunch find the Facebook iPad app's code, they managed to get the actual app running on an iPad and took it for a full spin. Shortly after the TechC...

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A primer on group messaging apps

If you follow our tech startup sister site TechCrunch, or if you've read any of the reports from the South by SouthWest (SXSW) conference this year, you've probably seen a lot of column inches given to current-media-darling "group messaging" apps. SXSW has a reasonable track record of predictin...

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In defence of the SuperDrive

Echoing our own Michael Grothaus last year, MG Siegler hopes Apple drops the DVD drive from future Macs: "Just like the floppy disk before it, the optical disc will fade into irrelevance. And now you see why Apple has never included a Blu-ray drive in any of their machines." Erica Sadun wrote a...

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