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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me support my mother-in-law's iPad

Dear Aunt TUAW, I currently provide remote support for my mother-in-law's 15 year old PC, frequently using TeamViewer to watch what she is doing rather than try to decipher garbled descriptions of what the screen is showing. This Xmas we are planning to buy her an iPad and so I wonder if there...

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Apple support profile lists purchase history, sign up for VoicePass and SMS

Apple quietly released My Support Profile, which offers a hardware purchase history and access to Apple's VoicePass, its trademark filed shortly before Christmas. Once I signed in, I set up my iPhone to use VoicePass and receive SMS messages (available only in the US) from Apple Support. VoicePass w...

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App Store Lessons: Picking an application name

iPhone developer Dan B. wanted to know if Apple would reject his application based on the name he wanted to use for his app. So he did what you'd expect a sane developer to do. He wrote Apple. He used one of his technical support incidents to speak with the Apple Developer Technical Support teams...

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A fix for those "Pairing Record Missing" errors

Here's an annoying problem with a surprisingly simple solution. After upgrading to 1.1.3, many users found they could no longer properly sync their iPhones. If your iPhone or iPod touch develops a missing pairing record problem, you can fix things by...rebooting your computer. If this saves anyone ...

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