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Apple gains momentum in government, while BlackBerry stumbles

Federal agencies are undergoing an internal upheaval that threatens RIM's stranglehold on the government smartphone market. According to an article at the Washington Post, the Obama Administration is relaxing its rules on technology upgrades. Rather than old BlackBerry handsets, the modern gove...

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eBay's mobile app strategy shared at CES

When I went to meet up with eBay at last week's CES conference, I went to a booth run not by that company, but by a company called RedLaser. Started by two U of Michigan grads, RedLaser is an eBay acquisition that has released a barcode scanning app for the iPhone that will scan your products and g...

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OpenFeint's promotional app now called Game Channel

Social gaming network OpenFeint has had its own app for a while now, offering up news and information for players playing games with the technology built-in. But the app recently underwent a re-branding of sorts -- it's now called Game Channel (not to be, or possibly to be, confused with Game Cente...

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Apple patents "Exciter" technology for devices, including a "cyclocomputer"

Patently Apple has news of a new patent filed by Apple for a technology that it calls the Exciter. At present, wirelessly trading information between iPhones can be a bit of a hassle, since both phones have to find each other and then sync up. But the "Exciter" technology would simply keep an eye ou...

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Apple patents another haptic feedback solution

AppleInsider reports that Apple is still bouncing around ideas for a screen that allows for haptic feedback on its iOS devices. A new patent filed this week outlines a system of screens on a device designed to not only detect touch and protect the underlying technology but also provide physical fee...

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TUAW's Daily App: LaDiDa

LaDiDa is a strange little app that came out a while back. It's basically a "reverse karaoke app," in that, instead of playing music that you can sing along with, you sing, and it'll play the music back to you. The technology seems based on the same idea as Microsoft's MySong -- you hit record on t...

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$1000 iPhone law exam review app sends traditional publisher running for cover

You readers were skeptical that BarMax, the iPhone app that offered up a full law prep system for $1000, would make too big a splash in the law prep community. But apparently that's exactly what happened -- three weeks later, BarBri, one of the more traditional competitors to the new app, has made ...

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Taking a Bite off the Apple

I grew up a "PC." Literally! My father was a computer genius who worked with computers for a living. By the age of 2, I had my own system. When people say they've had a PC since they were 10 years old, they have nothing on me. My dad set its beautiful, at the time, DOS interface up with game titles ...

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Apple wins two new patents including tablet proximity detector

Expectations and excitement are at a fever pitch for the hoped-for tablet announcement, but that hasn't stopped Apple's lawyers from earning their keep. Just in the past few days, they've nailed down two more patents, one of which has to do with tablet-style technology. That's a "proximity detector,...

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Doonesbury covers the tablet release

Cartoonist Garry Trudeau is of course no stranger to the constant expectations and travails of being an Apple fan -- he famously skewered the Newton years and years ago in his comic strip Doonesbury. And with the Appleverse on high alert for what could finally be the "second coming" of a revolution...

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Nearest Tube's augmented reality on the iPhone 3GS

This (extremely loud, be careful) video has been making the rounds lately -- it's a demo of a new app called Nearest Tube that isn't quite in the App Store yet, but uses both your location information along with the iPhone's compass and video camera to show you an augmented reality picture of where ...

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Japanese university tracking students via free iPhones

If you happen to be enrolling in Aoyama Gakuin University's School of Social Informatics in Tokyo this year, make sure to stop by the admissions office to pick up your free iPhone -- the school made a deal with Softbank Corporation, the iPhone's vendor in Japan, to give the phones to 550 students fo...

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Stainless: Another attempt at Chrome for OS X

At this rate, Google won't even have to release Chrome for Mac OS X -- our devs will have done it all already themselves. We've already reported about CrossOver putting their own port of Google's web browser together just to show they could do it, and now word has come in about Stainless, another at...

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Current and future gaming on the Mac

MacNewsWorld has a pretty good in-depth overview up about Mac gaming: where it's at and where it's headed. The basic story is that the three things that have historically held Mac gaming back behind PCs (the technology differences, the OS, and the smaller installed base) are slowly disappearing. Wit...

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iPhone wins awards, will win a lot more before 2008

We're getting closer and closer to the end of the year, and that means it's almost time for everyone to announce their "best tech product of the year" awards. Gadget website T3 has gotten an early start, and not surprisingly, Apple walked all over everyone else, with the iPhone grabbing tons of awar...

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