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Romo iPhone robot to charm his way into your heart in June

Over the past few years, TUAW has featured several posts about a cute little robot with an iPhone for a brain, Romo. It was first featured on TUAW sister site Engadget's Insert Coin feature series in late 2011, and was successful in its original Kickstarter funding round. Last fall, Romo's crea...

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uChek raises the stakes in smartphone health care with camera-based urine analysis

The iPhone. Is there anything it can't do? The trend towards self-monitoring and informal health tracking continues with uChek. Featured today over at Wired, this app enables you to automatically read, chart and track a variety of urinalysis tests on your iPhone. The product works by leveraging...

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TED Books launches store, subscriptions

The TED Conference is expanding its iOS offerings with a new app that'll let users read short electronic books from the popular series of intellectual presentations. The new Ted Books app includes articles that are 20,000 words or less and can be digested in a single sitting. The platform that ...

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New iPhone? Try these must-have free apps

If you have that new iPhone you received for the holidays, you're probably looking to load it up with some apps that will enhance your mobile experience. Let me suggest some of the best of the free apps. Of course, everyone will have their own list, but here are my 5 favorites that I think most n...

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TED app goes universal, on iPhone now

TED's free iPad app has offered up quality videos and audio of the conference's famous guest speakers for a while, but the company recently updated the app to be universal. Now even while out and about on your iPhone, you can access some of the knowledge and wisdom being shared within the TED a...

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Khan Academy iPad app screenshots show progress

The Khan Academy is an online non-profit organization whose goal is to provide a "free world-class education to anyone anywhere." Think of it as TED for everyone, except Khan's videos, resources, and lesson plans can actually help you be one of the TED speakers one day. Currently the Khan Acade...

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Macs help Roger Ebert to speak again

Film Critic Roger Ebert has been a long time Mac fan, and now he is depending on his Mac laptop to speak for him. Ebert was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2002, and it was later discovered there was additional cancerous material in his jaw. His lower jaw was removed, and Ebert lost his ability ...

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Immerse yourself in TED on the iPad

Do you need a dose of inspiration, or want your mind stretched? Attending a TED talk is the answer, but now TED has come to the iPad. TED is a nonprofit group that is dedicated to spreading good and interesting ideas through a series of talks. TED means Technology, Entertainment, Design, and most...

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TED launches Flash-free site for iPad, iPhone

I'm happy to report that TED, following in the footsteps of so many others, has now created a Flash-free version of its website for the iPad and iPhone. The new site automatically detects your browser and OS and shows the video in either Flash or HTML5. TED curator Chris Anderson first announced a F...

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ted: episode downloader for bittorrent

In the past we've covered the Mac application TV Shows, which automates starting bittorrents for tv show episodes. Sadly, it hasn't been updated in a while (though the main page still promises an update soon). However, I recently ran across another application that works in a similar way called ted....

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